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Zombiebane is a DLC weapon available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A magickal shield capable of dealing fearsome damage to undead foes, sending them scurring back to their graves".

Zombiebane multiplies attack power when facing the undead.

This shield is effective against all Undead persons, Wights, Lichs, and the Dark Bishop, as well as Eliminators, Cursed Dragons and Death.

It isn't effective against the Ur-Dragon, or common forms of skeletons, or spirits such as Ghosts.


In Dragon's Dogma it could be purchased as a part of Weapon Pack: The Monster Hunter DLC. Received for free, and can then be purchased at The Black Cat. In Dark Arisen, this must be purchased from The Black Cat.

Usage and Damage[]

When facing susceptible foes both Physical and Magickal attack power are doubled, including character Strength and character Magick; skill or spell power; weapon strength and magick; Weapon Enchantment magick; and equipment boosts. As a result this weapon can out damage any other Magick Shield when the facing a vulnerable foe.

The increased damage is got only from shield skills - these include damage from reflect; spells conjured using Perfect Block in combination with reflect such as Flame Riposte; and Holy Glare based spells. Abyssal Anguish is also boosted in power. Damage from Swords or Maces with this shield equipped is unchanged.

The damage from enchantments produced using Magick Shield spells such as Flame Trance are not increased.

Usable By[]

FighterNStriderNMageN AssassinNMagicarcherNDDicon magicknight WarriorNRangerNSorcererN


Stars 0t
Stars 1t
Stars 2t
Stars 3t
DFIcon SRIcon GRIcon
N/A 18,400 G 63,300 G
Spring Water x3
193,300 G
Shroud x15
Click here for
5,600 RC
Rotten Baneflesh x5
8,100 RC
Fetid Gallstone x4
Strength 31 40 58 82 109 249 289
Magick 64 84 120 170 226 407 490
Slash Strength 0%
Bludgeoning Strength 100%
Stagger Power 117 117 159 226 301 336 397
Knockdown Power 117 117 159 226 301 336 397
Element -
Debilitations - - - - - - -
Weight 2.48 2.48 2.36 2.11 1.86 1.86 1.86
Improved Blocking Ability after rank 3

Enhancement Item Locations[]