"One thing is clear, I must kill them!"

Wyverns are powerful adversaries, possessing mighty physical and magickal attacks, the means of flight, and the ability to breathe lightning to stun their foes. They can seize control over the will of Pawns to turn them against the Arisen. The Wyvern bears a glowing spot on its back where its heart resides, which serves as an exploitable weakness.

An aerial Wyvern preparing its breath attack


One of the smaller cousins of the titular Dragon. Wyverns are a species of the lesser dragon type, along with the Drake and Wyrm. The Wyvern's heart is located on its back - thus if mounted when aloft, the Wyvern will make strong attempts to throw the attacker off. Unlike their Drake cousins, Wyverns do not breathe fire, they instead use a strong lightning based breath attack which can throw their foes into the air. Consequently, they are significantly resistant to the thunder element. Wyverns are strong flyers and can cast spells, though these are less powerful than the Wyrms'.

Defeating a Wyvern has a minor chance of dragon forging the Arisen's equipment, as long as it has at least one level of enhancement.

Information and Stats

General Info

Base Experience of 23,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


Gransys (Post-Game)

Bitterblack Isle (Pre-Daimon)

Bitterblack Isle (Post-Daimon)


On death

Horns Destroyed

Wings Destroyed

Killing the Wyvern gives a chance of dragon forging equipment depending upon enhancement level of the equipped gear.


Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
70,000 1,200 340 750 380 4,500
Slash Bash FIRE BASED.png
100% 100% 100% 100% 25% 100% 100%
Tarred.png DrenchedWater.png Poison.png Blindness.png Silence.png Sleep.png Torpor.png Petrification.png Curse.png
D immune.png D immune.png D extremelyhard.png D immune.png D moderate.png D immune.png D extremelyhard.png D immune.png D immune.png
StrengthLowered.png DefenseLowered.png MagickLowered.png MagickDefenseLowered.png Fire.png Frozen.png LIGHTNING BASED.png HOLY BASED.png DARK BASED.png
D moderate.png D unknown.png D unknown.png D cannot obtain.png D hard.png D hard.png D immune.png D hard.png D hard.png
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.


Attack Type Description
Lightning Breath Mag On ground,  sweeps a wide area ahead with a massive stream of electrically charged wind from its mouth, in similar manner to Drake's Fire breath sweep, and immediately summons a High Levin at the affected area.
Windblast Mag A massive stream of electrically charged wind is let loose from its mouth. Deals next to no damage, but can stagger anyone caught within it. Staying inside of the stream for too long will propel the victim upwards - high enough to receive falling damage upon landing.
Fly-by Phys The Wyvern will fly straight up - then fly to far distance, and then perform a swooping near ground attack, usually in concert with the a windblast from its mouth. If not hit in the air, it will repeat this attack several times.
Slam Phys Will take flight then drop suddenly to slam its torso into the ground, inflicting massive damage to anyone underneath. (rare)
Charge Phys Charges at a target on the ground.
Grab (Arisen) Phys The Arisen is grabbed and then smashed into the ground.
Grab (Pawn) Spec A Pawn is grabbed, but instead of being smashed into the ground, the Wyvern tries to seize control over the Pawn. Causes Possession, which turns the Pawn against the Arisen.
Stomp Attack Phys A powerful attack with its feet, staggers its target.
Sweeping Backhand Phys A backhanded slap with either one of its front claws.
Tail Whip Phys The dragon lowers its forebody, then powerfully whips its tail.
Tail spin Phys A powerful spinning attack with the tail outstreched.
Wing Flap Attack Phys Powerful wing flaps that create strong winds preventing the party from approaching.
Aerial Spin Phys If the Arisen or one of his/her Pawns are holding onto the Wyvern while it is in flight, it will spin rapidly, draining a massive chunk of stamina.
Roar Spec/Status A roar that kills pawns within range, staggers the Arisen and can cause Skill Stifling.
Stifling gasp Spec/Status On ground, after a brief incantation stretches out wings and lets loose a gasp that inflicts Skill Stifling on a wide area around.
Lassitude Mag/Status Once grounded, the Wyvern creates an area of effect sigil, inflicting Torpor on those who remain within it.
High Levin Mag/Status Once grounded, the Wyvern can cast High Levin, smiting its targets from above with tongues of lightning.



  • The Wyvern spends far more time flying than it does on the ground. In fact, it will not land unless it is stunned or knocked out of the air, and even after it recovers, it will go back to the air as soon as it can. While aloft, the tail can be grabbed and scaled in order to reach the heart.
    • For general climbing tactics see Climbing.

      Heart located on the back.

    • The Wyvern is a strong flyer and makes great efforts to dislodge any climber which makes attacking an aloft Wyvern's heart difficult or nearly impossible without Adhesion (much like the bucking Cockatrice).
    • Most bow and ranged spell attacks will knock a Wyvern out of the sky - the creature is easier to attack once grounded, and briefly highly vulnerable when initially grounded.
    • Destroy the wings to prevent the creature taking flight again.
  • The heart of a Wyvern, unlike other Dragons, isn't located on the breastbone, but instead is on its back, between the wings.
    • All vocations: attack the heart.
    • To kill a Wyvern, the Arisen must land the final blow to its heart.
  • Vulnerable to Torpor.
  • Immune to lowered attributes, Curse, Blindness, Drenched, Tarred, Sleep and Petrification.
  • Resistant to Lightning.
  • Can be set on fire and poisoned.
  • May be slightly frozen, but not shattered.
  • The head and wings are minor weak points.
  • Interrupting Stifling gasp attack will cause knockdown reliably.


  • Can be Silenced, preventing spellcasting.
  • The augment Stability or armor with the bonus enhancement "Prevents wind from affecting mobility" prevents being staggered or knocked down by a Dragon's wing's wind buffet.
    • The lifting up and Fall Damage caused by the electric windblast is not prevented by stability.
    • Alternatively, the Arisen can jump just before the wind attack to avoid its effect, or block it with a Shield or Magick Shield.
  • Well timed Instant Reset can completely nullify propelling effect of Windblast attack


  • Mage pawns with a Legion's Might staff will self-resurrect after a Dragon Roar or conventional death.
  • Strider pawns with a Scather inclination are effective pawns for climbing a Wyvern and shredding the heart.
  • Consider equipping the pawns with upgraded rusted or golden weapons to torpor or silence the Wyvern.
  • Attempts at Possession of allied pawns can be interrupted by staggering.
    • Pawns with 100% resistance to possession are unaffected by the grab attack. They free themselves at the end of the grab animation; the futile attempt at possession gives a strategic opening for the rest of the party, allowing them to prepare long cast time spells or charged skills.

Luring Wyverns

  • Wyverns are sometimes difficult to engage in battle, as they will often fly off before attacking the party. This is especially true of the Wyverns on Conquest Road in Gransys.
  • The Estan Plains Wyvern is near the shore south of Gran Soren. It can be seen taking flight when exiting through the southern gate and circling the area to the south of Gran Soren when the party approaches from the Moonsbit Pass. It is also possible to engage this dragon from the northern edge of the Moonshower Cliffs. Once the Arisen enters the Post-Game Everfall (and initiates the quest Fathom Deep) the Dragon will no longer be found here.
  • The Conquest Road Wyvern appears once the Post-Game Everfall is entered and the quest Fathom Deep is initiated. It can be made to attack by moving to a high point (e.g., near Windbluff Tower) and engaging with ranged weapons.
    • When the ambush starts, it may get stuck flying up and down and will never engage. Placing a Portcrystal at the location the Wyvern spawns, then porting in, will cause it to engage as normal.
    • The Wyvern may also attack at the Snow Harpy encounter on the road.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For full information, refer to the Bestiary page or the according section on the Drake page.

Enemy Specific:

  • Shoot the Wyvern's wings when it is flying around (not simply hovering) to knock it down.
  • Use Lightning based attacks to realize Lightning has no effect on it (may not be needed).

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 15 Wyverns either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

Kills on Thunderwyverns also count towards the overall kill count since they are of the same species, but the Thunderwyvern is much stronger than the Wyvern or special Wyvern.

Pawn Chatter

Pawns battle advice on Wyverns shares much with their advice on Drakes, with the exception of that on the Drake's fire breath. Advice unique to the Wyvern includes :

"There, in the sky... A dragon?"
"Lightning is no use against it!"


  • "What is happening?!" (Battle Start)
  • "One thing is clear, I must kill them" (Battle Start)
  • "Time to die"
  • "Eaaaugh! The pain!" (When the Heart is exposed)
  • "Try it. Attack me!" (When diving)
  • "Get off me!" (When grabbed onto)
  • "You cannot win, maggot!" (When using roar, killing all pawns)
  • "No... not to this human!" (Death throes)

The Wyvern shares some dialogue with the Drake and Wyrm.



  • Even after the Wyvern died, two Dragon Horns (if not already broken) and a Great Dragon Alula piece from the back where the wings intersect, can still be broken off before the corpse disintegrates.
    • (Exploit) After a reload or retry, the dragon's horns regenerate. This effectively means that after a save and reload more horns can be broken off allowing for multiple Dragon Horn drops in one fight.
  • The Wyvern's Tear increases the drop rate of Wakestones and Wakestone Shards in the Everfall. When in the party's inventory with the Wyrm's Tear and Drake's Tear, the drop rate percentages increase further.
  • Wyverns generally respawn every 7 game days.
  • The Special Wyvern atop the Bluemoon Tower speaks in Latin with translated captions.
  • The Thunderwyvern behaves very much like its smaller cousin; however, it will cast spells more frequently, is more resilient and hits significantly harder.


  • (BUG) In Dark Arisen, the Ambush! theme may trigger, but the Wyvern will fail to land or come into range - on some occasions, the Wyvern will then land or fly into the sea, sometimes even causing its own death. Wyverns both at the Conquest Road and Estan Plains show this behaviour.
    • The same wyverns may also fly off after only a short battle - it is possible that this bug is caused by the Wyvern attempting to re-position for it's "fly-by" attack.
    • Occurs on all versions


  • In European myth, a Wyvern is a term used for dragons with only two legs. (See Wikipedia: Wyvern)
    • The term derives from a similar root as "viper" - a poisonous snake.


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