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Wyrmking's Ring is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A band that exudes mystic power. Merely possessing it allows for quicker incanting of spells."

The Wyrmking's Ring is a magickal and valuable piece of property owned by Edmun Dragonsbane.  During the eponymous quest The Wyrmking's Ring, the Arisen is tasked with recovering the ring, which has been stolen. Suspicion falls on the sorcerer, Salomet.

It is often assumed that the ring was created by Salomet, though this is not stated explicitly. Salomet was one of a group of mages who sat as an advisory council in Gran Soren tasked with creating magick items and so on; it is possible that the ring was created by that council.


The Wyrmking's Ring shortens spell casting time by 10% for the character who is holding it in their inventory. Incantation cooldowns for spells, such as the long post-incant cast of Maelstrom, are not hastened. Despite being a ring, this item cannot be equipped; its effect is active merely by holding it in one's personal inventory.

The effect stacks with the augment Articulacy to reduce spellcasting time by around twice as much. Multiple rings in personal inventory do not stack the effect.

The ring also unlocks a special chest in the Treasury in the Duke's Demesne, as witnessed in the quest Reward and Responsibility.


A Wyrmking's Ring Forgery can be obtained from The Black Cat in Gran Soren for 99,990 Gold. It looks the same but has none of the magick properties of the original.



Wrymking's Ring

"I found it - it's mine.."

  • If the ring is lost by discarding, selling, or gifting, it can be purchased back from The Black Cat for 66,660 Gold.
    • (Exploit) Players can gift this ring an unlimited number of times to other players and then immediately buy another from Mountebank in Gran Soren, even after the quest The Wyrmking's Ring has been completed. This also allows duplication with an accomplice Arisen to gift the ring back.
  • Since pawns cannot bring their inventory with them into the Rift, the shorter spellcasting effect will not carry over when they are hired by other players.
  • This effect works for all spell-casting vocations, i.e. Sorcerers, Mages, Mystic Knights, and Magick Archers.
  • Core Skill spells with no charge bar do not receive shortened casting time, i.e. Magick Agent.
  • The ring has no effect on non-spell skills. Charged physical attacks with enchanted weapons are not sped up.
  • It seems that Salomet stole the ring in an attempt to use it as a device to grant him immortality:
"The Wyrmking's Ring is a talisman of incomparable character
A vessel worthy of the whole of my magick!
What sublime bliss!
What heady rapture!
Yes... I will see my dream made reality
My essence... my very soul will inhabit the ring...
In it, I shall be reborn unto life everlasting!"

For more details on this theory, see Salomet.