Wyrm Hunt License is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A permit carried by those engaged in the Wyrm Hunt. Without it, one may not take part."

The Wyrm Hunt License is awarded to the Arisen on account of the present of the Hydra's head to the Duke, obtained in the quest Off With Its Head. There will be some delay in the processing of the License award, and it is given by Ser Duncan, after the Arisen has explored the Everfall during the quest Lure of the Abyss.

Ser Duncan will approach the Arisen either at the entrance of the Pawn Guild or at the Portcrystal if the Arisen used a Ferrystone to leave the Everfall.

With this license in hand, speak to Ser Maximilian to enquire about Wyrm Hunt Quests.

The license also grants a small discount (5%) at shops - for details see shopping discounts.


  • Interestingly, if you talk to Ser Maximilian with a Wyrm Hunt License in the party's inventory before you complete Lure of the Abyss, he will reply that you cannot enter the castle.


  • The achievement/trophy Writ Large will unlock after the Arisen receives the Wyrm Hunt License.
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