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Wroth Mask is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A fearsome mask modelled after a cruel deity. Infused with the power to shake the very earth."

Casts any one of a selection of spells chosen at random upon use.


In Dragon's Dogma one can be obtained by completing the Search Party quest line from Reynard.

In Dark Arisen, it can be found in chests in the Gutter of Misery.


Spell Probability Single-use item equivalent
Sopor 11% Jewel of Sleep
Miasma 5% Jewel of Toxicity
Nothing 10% N/A
High Necromancy 5% Jewel of Summoning
Holy Furor 5% Surging light Tome
Grand Seism 5% Shattered Earth Tome
High Halidom 5% Jewel of Endurance
Funnel Sigil 6% Decaying Grimoire
High Bolide 4% Salomet's Grimoire
High Spellscreen 6% Jewel of Antilight
Bolide 3% Goddess Cameo
High Petrification 8% Jewel of Petrification
High Blearing 1% Jewel of Darkness
Anodyne After Healing 2% Jewel of Vicissitude
High Voidspell 4% N/A
Anodyne 4% Jewel of Health
High Silentium 3% Jewel of Silence
Frigor 3% Winter's Path Tome
Stone Grove 5% The Sundering Spear Tome
High Lassitude 4% Jewel of Time
Levin 1% Fulgurous Lord Tome


  • The spells cast by this item range from potentially very weak and impractical to very powerful and potentially overly destructive. In one situation, an Arisen could be fighting a group of Wolves or Bandits and use a Wroth Mask. The mask could then potentially cast Bolide and cause harm to travelers and Gran Soren guards walking the roads. In another situation, the Arisen could be fighting a large creature such as a Cyclops or a Chimera and use a Wroth Mask. It could then cast Vortex Sigil, designed to draw in lightweight enemies, yielding no meaningful effect. Whenever the Arisen intends to use Wroth Mask, it is critical to take into account the "wild-card" nature of the item, and not let any situation weigh too heavily upon its use. 
  • It can be forged as a usable item
  • This is the only single-use item in the game that can cast High Voidspell.
  • ERROR!!! The descriptive text is almost certainly an error - the Japanese language text reads "恐ろしい形相の紙をかたどった面秘めた魔の力は使用するたびに効能を変える" [Terrifing mask - changes the effect each time it is used] (rough translation)