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Wood Bundle is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.


A Wood Bundle is a bound collection of wood pieces, oft seen being carried by people, or stored in the corners of caves, dungeons or dwellings throughout Gransys.

When broken a wood bundle usually yields some kindling, or nothing. Some have been used to conceal treasure during the night, so coin pouches or jewels can be found within.


With hidden valuables at night :

Region Location
Verda Woodlands Travelers' Camp, rising ground just south and by the broken tent at the crossroads at Chimera territory.
The Blighted Manse Keep and Duchess's Bedchamber
Gran Soren

Fields (Post-Game only)

Duke's Demesne, south and north of the garden area.

The Catacombs Second level, in various spots of the hallway with the double gate unlocked with Second Key To Salvation.

In the entrance chamber accessed from the gate near Storage Shed.

Also by the Deos Hills main entrance.

The Greatwall In many locations around the building, including vestibule.
Cassardis In Heraldo's Grocery, Fisherman's House across the road from Your House, and Iola's House

Bundles without hidden treasure :

Region Location
The Ancient Quarry throughout
The Bluemoon Tower throughout
Seabreeze Trail Outside Cassardis
Manamia Trail Abandoned Storehouse
Cursewood Beast Cave & bandit camp to north
Cursewood Female bandit camp near Deos Hills boundary
Conquest Road Old Garrison


  • It seems that bundles that contain valuables at night contain kindling by day, whereas bundles that do not contain treasure can be broken without giving even a small stick.