Wizard's Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


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Core pieces
Optional items

The Wizard's Set is a set of clothing suitable for spellcaster vocations - it is a good quality mages outfit, matching in muted reddish and purplish colors. The set as a whole gives resistances to the three non-holy and non-dark archmagicks, plus other resistances useful to a spellcaster.

The Blessed Vest and Urban Hosen are of similar quality and price. The set as a whole is an improvement on, and a similar design as, the Scholar's Set.

Skeleton Sorcerers wear a version of this set, but much decayed.


  • The set is shown in the Official Dragon's Dogma Design Guide.
  • This set (with Cotton Hosen replacing Urban Hosen, and Bronze Bangles instead of gloves) is that shown in the change vocation menu for Mages.
  • Despite the name the Wizard's Helm is not a stylistic match, though it does complement the resistances. The high quality and expensive Autumn Hood matches well the color scheme of this set.
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