Witch's House is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A small cottage located in the eastern part of the Witchwood. A place in which Selene often resides. The hut itself is built on top of a huge tree stump.

Around the house is a forest clearing, full of inanimate golems - the clearing receives more light than the rest of the forest and remains fog free too. Here can be found some vegetable patches, with carrots and so on, as well as the occasional Explosive Barrel. Southron Oregano is also common here.

In the house itself is a chest that may contain either a Thunderclap, Ring of Azure, or Ring of Gules. There is also a Bronze Idol to be found here and some other minor items, and pots..

Just below the house is a chest that may contain either Silver Bands, Direwolf Bow, Cleansing Earring or Circlet.


  • Selene is resident here until after the quest Witch Hunt, after which the interior of the woods is becomes accessible.
  • In Dark Arisen the path under the tree to the inner woods will have a Portcrystal to be found.


Tree Mansion

The Mansion of the Spirit Tree from Beserk (manga)

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