Wintry Herb is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A delicate herb with leaves that look like they were carved from ice. It's commonly found in northern Gransys. Combine it with other materials or use it to brew a variety of Herb Ales."

Restores 50 Health. Found growing throughout the Northface Forest region.


2 Star Enhancement

  • 6x for 2 Star Enhancement of Almace.


Component to

Item Item Product
Wintry Herb + Destiny Grass = Cerulean Concoction
Wintry Herb + Anathema Grass = Cerulean Concoction
Wintry Herb + Spiny Nut = Cerulean Concoction
Wintry Herb + Loneflower = Cerulean Concoction
Wintry Herb + Nurse Log Sap = Smother Sap


  • Grows in abundance in northern Gransys, collecting this weighty herb can cause encumbrance - to lighten the load convert in situ to Cerulean Concoction using locally source Destiny Grass.
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