Windworn Valley is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Windworn Valley is a narrow valley running northeast to southwest in the northern regions of Gransys - it runs from beyond The Blighted Manse to the entrance of Pastona Cavern.

The fierce winds that blow in the valley make it difficult to move. Snow Harpies and some Direwolves inhabit the valley. A number of herb species may be found here - the rarer ones being Destiny Grass and Windmill Flower.

Roughly half way along the valley is a quiet area with low winds - the Rest Camp known as Travelers' Rest can be found here, stationed by Ser Octavio. In the camp are also a Riftstone and Knowledge Chair.


  • Badge of Vows 95 is located on one of the hills that form the sides of this valley.


There are two interesting Weapon/Armor Piles just at the end, right after the "windworn" corridor.

There are also a Wakestone Shard and an Ore deposit in the dead-end running between those piles.

Pawn Chatter

" 'Tis difficult to walk such a narrow path."
"The winds here are strong, though they ease as one climbs higher."
"There's little sign of looting. Perhaps the wins have kept thieves at bay."
 "Up there. A stronghold...? ' Tis awfully high up..."


  • The augment Stability does not work here, contrary to its description.
  • Lighter characters will have a hard time traveling in the Windworn Valley whereas larger characters can move more freely.
  • An easy way to move more freely is to carry a pawn - when sufficiently weighed down, movement will be slow, but steady.


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