Windbluff Tower Key is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Key to the armory at the Stone of the North, under the charge of Captain Daerio."

The Windbluff Tower Key unlocks a small room in the Windbluff Tower with two chests which contain a Meloirean Helm and Meloirean Plate.

Obtaining the key

The key can be obtained from Ser Daerio after completing the quest Supply and Demands, if his affinity with the Arisen is high enough. He will not gift the key before, no matter how high his affinity is.


  • Gifting of the key seems based on Ser Daerio's affinity being high enough - however there may be a delay between increasing affinity and Ser Daerio willing to gift the key.
  • If Supply and Demands is undertaken at the same time as the main quest Trial and Tribulations, Ser Daerio will not hand over the key until the guard has been escorted to the castle.
  • Ser Daerio may be willing to gift the key, but not remember to do so if another quest is active, i.e., Supply and Demands - switching the active quest to one not directly involving Ser Daerio may fix this issue.
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