Wight is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.

"Serve me, minion!"


The Wight is a higher level undead Spellcaster. Wights wear a heavily worn out Dalmatica and Crowned Hood along with a mask that covers half of their skeletal face. All Wights wield the Plucked Heart Archistaff. They are always in flight, which makes them difficult targets for melee characters.

" Wights are born as a result of sorcerers who, in pursuit of immortality, subject their own bodies to forbidden magicks and are cursed to live even in death.

Unlike skeletons, which are propelled by nothing more than inorganic impulses, wights clearly possess their own minds, losing none of their intelligence or sorcery after death. All of the magicks which they use are powerful and, thanks to their former lives as sorcerers, it takes little time for them finish their incantations.

Wights can even summon undead and skeletons to serve them strategically, using their magic to make these servants stronger and provide them with protection. Wights are usually seen floating in the air thanks to their powerful magicks and they are agile as well. Since their bodies are already dead, they are unfettered by pain or exhaustion and you will wish to avoid prolonged battles with these monsters.

It is said among adventurers that wights are what become of sorcerers who desired to know the truth of all the world. They have only rarely been sighted and one theory is that they put barriers up to hide themselves from the undeserving, thus unworthy adventurers will never even see them.
―Capcom official description [1]

Undead / Summoner / Category:Skeletons
Base Experience of 2,500

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


Gransys at Night

The Everfall (Post-Dragon)

Bitterblack Isle


Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
6000 280 230 500 250  ??
110% 130% 70% 70% 70% 150% ~1%
Tarred DrenchedWater Poison Blindness Silence Sleep Torpor Petrification Curse
D immune D immune D immune D immune D extremelyhard D immune D hard D immune D unknown
StrengthLowered DefenseLowered MagickLowered MagickDefenseLowered Fire Frozen LIGHTNING BASED HOLY BASED DARK BASED
D unknown D unknown D unknown D immune D hard D immune D immune D easy D immune
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (, the Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.


Attack Type Description
Unholy Bolt Mag Casts a thunder projectile spell similar to Focused Bolt, and liable to cause Thundershock
High Levin Mag Casts several tongues of lightning at its foes. Some Wights only use the lower tier single hit Levin.
High Frigor Mag Casts three giant ice spires at the party which may knock the targets into the air.
Lassitude Mag/Status Casts a magickal fog at a designated location that may Torpor anyone lingering in it for too long.
Summon Undead Spec Summons Undead minions to attack.

Summons can include: Undead, Undead Warriors, Skeletons, Skeleton Mages, Stout Undead, Skeleton Knights.

Maelstrom Mag Conjures up a massive tornado that draws targets and allies into its core and tosses them in the air causing damage.

Wights only cast this after they have been hit. Looks like Levin when charging.

Silentium Mag/Status Casts a field that may inflict Silence on those caught inside for too long.
High Miasma Mag/Status Casts a toxic fog that damages those passing through it, can inflict Poison and Drenched on anyone lingering in it for too long.
Unholy Anodyne Mag/Spec Casts a field of red magick that heals its summoned allies just like Anodyne. The Wight can sometimes fly through this and gain a reddish healing aura.

Some wights only use certain spells - the Miasmic Swamp wight only casts Unholy Bolt and Unholy Anodyne; whilst different Wights summon different allies - the Deos Hills wight summons skeleton spellcasters and warriors, whilst the Barta Crags creature summons only warriors.


Wight summoning

Whilst summoning (indicated by the bright purple sigil) the Wight is much more susceptible to damage


  • Wight starts Maelstrom casting with words ""From death comes peace!" and in the middle of casting follows with "From death comes freedom!".
  • Seemingly will never use top tier spells against Arisens of physical Vocations.
  • When possible one can rid of minions by luring the Wight out of the summoning area - far from it the Wight cannot summon new minions too.


  • Head is the weak spot.
  • Weak against Holy enchanted weapons and spells.
  • Weak against Blunt weapons, including arrows.
  • Damage is greatly increased when using the Sickening Skull mace, and also by the Zombiebane magick shield.
  • Vulnerable to Silence and Torpor.
  • The Wight is unlikely to cast Maelstrom when the Arisen is within close proximity.
  • The creature takes more physical damage whilst intoning spells. Yet it is not more vulnerable to spells.
    • Roughly two to three times when casting Maelstrom.
    • Whilst summoning undead five times normal damage.
  • Has significantly lowered knockdown resistance while casting Maelstrom.
  • Once the summoned Undead are defeated, the Wight will descend in order to summon new minions.
    • In this state it is low enough for even Fighters to strike it.
  • Dealing enough damage will knock the Wight out of the air, leaving them temporarily vulnerable on the ground.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

  • Silence them (may not be needed)

Enemy specific:

  • Weak to Holy
  • Witness them casting most (if not all) of their spells. Unequip the pawn's weapons if needed.

The scroll Wight Tactics may grant knowledge for this enemy.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 30 Wights either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Bestiary page.

Pawn Chatter

"A host of wights!"
"We've poor luck... Wights, Arisen!"
"We must seal that magick!"
"What magick is this? I fear the answer..."
"'Tis a mighty spellcaster!"
"There, floating! 'Tis an evil almost palpable."
"The undead are weak to holy light!"
"That spell is trouble... Quickly, away!"
"'Tis aground! All hands, attack!"


  • If the Arisen wishes to rapidly accumulate Experience Points early in the game, then fighting the Wight's summoned minions whilst not killing the Wight allows this. Use Weal effect items to double experience gain. Unequip pawn's bows and staves to prevent ranged attacks on the Wight.
  • Wights will re-spawn after around five in-game days.
  • In The Bloodless Stockade, it is not unheard of to see a Wight get stuck behind a pillar and an archway making it rather difficult to hit the main body with arrows. If this happens move closer and attack to cease its casting, or move away far enough so the Wight moves itself away from its cover.


  • The Wight's voice in-game is treated as a Sound Effect.
  • When casting Unholy Anodyne, the Wight speaks a phrase in Latin.
  • The Wight in the Chamber of Anxiety speaks in both Latin and English when casting spells and also has the most health of any Wight in game with 3 full bars of health and slightly higher defenses, albeit it is still weaker than a standard Lich.
  • Wights will often laugh if the Arisen or his/her Pawns are hit by its attacks, most commonly if hit by Levin.
  • During the Main quest Deny Salvation, the Arisen will see two Salvation magick users being turned into Wights, which gives an insight of what is required to become one. They are stabbed with a mysterious dagger and dragged to an eldritch abyss-like vortex from which they then emerge as Wights.
  • Wights sometimes state that they are in pain and wish to be destroyed by adventurers, which is ironic as they cast deadly magicks against the party.
  • Summoned creatures may sometimes try to attack their master. Additionally the minions summoned by the Barta Crags Wight may be affected by the Maelstrom it casts.

Wight Quotes

  • "End my misery."
  • "A new sacrifice."
  • "From death comes freedom!"
  • "From death comes peace!"
  • "Taste sweet death!"
  • "What a fool dares defile this place?"
  • "The eternity of the void."
  • "Death awaits!"
  • "Blessed destruction."

When casting spells:

  • "Death and Destruction!" (Levin)
  • "None can survive annihilation..." (Maelstrom)
  • "Fools must be punished!" (Maelstrom)
  • "Rot away!" (Miasma)

When summoning:

  • "Destroy these fools!"
  • "Fight at my side!"
  • "Serve me, minion!"

Wight in The Bloodless Stockade:

  • "Who dares disturb my solitude..."



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