Weapon/Armor Pile is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.


A Weapon or Armor Pile contains items which may be obtained by use of the "Gather" command.

Generally these piles contain objects associated with the burial of warrior such as Rusted Weapons, skulls, or a Royal Banner - in some locations a pile can contain rarer items, such as a Favored Flower staff, or Bronze Sallet helmet; in the post-Dragon Everfall even items such as the Cyclops Sigil have been found. Piles also may yield more mundane items such as a Flask of Oil.

Such piles are found all over Gransys, often by the side of roads.

It is possible that gathering from such burials may give different results by night - one above the Nameless Falls commonly gives Rusted Magick Shield by night, but mostly Shackles by day.


  • Most of actual Weapon/Armor Pile gather spots glow properly though some may not.
  • There are also prop Weapon/Armor Piles in a game. These are heavily covered with rust.

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