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Weal is an Invigoration that doubles experience gained from defeating enemies.


Characters under the effect of Weal have a small four-leaf clover displayed next to their name under the item menu.

Weal items double Experience Points earned from slaying beasts, and also double Discipline Points gain, and Rift Crystals earned by pawns.

The effect stacks with Hard Mode to give four times gain in Experience, Discipline and Rift Crystals.

Weal items[]

Item Name Duration Notes
Blessed Flower One in-game day A time sensitive item, and will wilt after one in-game day.
Veteran's Periapt 5 minutes Available in unlimited quantities from Fournival during Post-Game
Pilgrim's Charm 5 minutes Sold by Fournival, Madeleine and Aestella during Post-Game
Martyr's Talisman 5 minutes Sold by Barroch
Mage's Talisman 5 minutes Inflicts Cursed as a side effect


  • The effects of Weal work the same regardless of the type of game mode. (Easy / Normal / Hard / Speed Run)
  • Weal only doubles experience points gained from killing enemies, but not from completing quests.
  • May be activated anytime prior to the finishing blow for the effect to take place. It does not need to be active for the entire fight.
  • The longbow Bezel Crown also doubles experience for kills, but does not stack with weal.