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Watergod's Altar Key is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Key to the sunken ruins, pried from the hand of a dead monk. Operates a device."

The Watergod's Altar Key is a magickal key which is used to open a closed door in The Watergod's Altar. Once used, it is removed from the inventory.

This item can only be obtained by defeating the Cyclops in the Offering Chamber during the Wyrm Hunt Quest The Watergod's Altar.


Dragon's Dogma - Watergod's Altar Key
  • The key isn't essential to complete the quest The Watergod's Altar, or in exploring the whole of the cave system - it is possible bypass the locked door by jumping across from one ledge to another on the upper level of the cavern's main chamber. This allows the room with the pressure stone to be accessed and the water flooding the lower levels drained.