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Water's Bottom is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Waters bottom

Water's Bottom and its side chambers

Water's Bottom is the lower part of the main central chamber within The Watergod's Altar - initially flooded and inaccessible, it must be drained before it can be accessed.

Water's Bottom can be accessed by numerous ladders and stairs around the edge of the central chamber, or through jumping down through the broken floor of the upper central chamber. It is inhabited by Skeleton Knights, Skeleton Mages, and Phantasms, and any Saurians that may have fallen down from above.

In addition to various ladders and stairs, the raised drawbridge that initial prevents access to the central upper chamber can be lowered to the south side of Water's bottom, though it cannot be used as an elevator. There is also a tunnel leading from a break in the northwestern wall up to a natural cavern with a small Cyclops, and beyond to the Offering Chamber.


For chest contents and general loot see The Watergod's Altar § Loot

Several of the Altar Slates required for the quest The Watergod's Altar are found here in high quality chests, additionally there are several other chests containing armor and items.

The bottom of the chamber is still wet even when drained - there are Fish pools here.


  • It seems that the path via the Cyclops cavern may have been created after the temple was abandoned. The architecture also suggests that originally this area was fully roofed.