Wandering Pawns are randomly appearing hireable pawns that can be found in many locations in Gransys.

Wandering Pawn day

Wandering Pawn met at Verda Woodlands


Wandering Pawns are, both offline and online pawns of an Arisen, that, for reasons unknown have taken to wandering Gransys without their masters - they are available for hire.


Such pawns are most common in places they might be hired, suggesting their true purpose is the acquisition of Rift Crystals for their masters. Most commonly they are found in Gran Soren - in and around the Pawn Guild, in the Fields and other areas of the Craftsman's Quarter; and in and around the Venery; they are also found in number in The Encampment.

During the Post-Game, due to happenings in Gran Soren the wandering pawns there also take to the Rooftops, and in the towers, walkways, and staircases of the city's walls.

Outside Gran Soren and The Encampment wandering pawns can be found mostly on the roads - they are common on a stretch of Manamia Trail near to The Mountain Waycastle; on the southern part of Conquest Road; on the road out of the western gate of Gran Soren through the Estan Plains; on eastern parts of the road through the Deos Hills; and on the path east of the Travelers' Camp, and the large track it connects to in the Verda Woodlands.


It seems Wandering Pawns are chosen at random from several lists. These lists include:

  • Pawns at a similar level to the Arisen
  • Previous hires
  • Favorites


If slain, a wandering pawn will return to the rift, giving not loot, However they can be stolen from using Master Thief - the item got depends on the pawn's vocation - for a list see Master Thief - Pilferage List

Trophies and Achievements


  • Wandering Pawns do not defend themselves when attacked, and only run away.
  • Such a pawn will not benefit from the resurrecting properties of Legion's Might - it seems the staff only works when hired to and aiding an Arisen.
  • (Exploit) Wandering pawns can be stolen from repeatedly using Master Thief by stealing, moving a certain distance away, and then stealing again.

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