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Walter is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.

For the character/npc in Dragon's Dogma II see Walter


A poor man who lives in the Slums of Gran Soren and seems always to be hungry. 



  • "So what when the Dragon comes tomorrow? Hunger's here today!"
  • "I reckon a Dragon would eat you in one bite. That is a mite faster than your stomach gnawing on itself from the inside."
  • "It hurts when your stomach gets too empty, so you eat. Meals and the long stretches between is what life is all about."
  • "If we eat to live, but have no food, how is that livin' at all?"
  • "Each night I figure the Maker'll take me in my sleep, but each dawn I awake to find Him laughin'..."
  • "So half the city falls into nothing and somehow I am still here. How is that for a half-baked doomsday? Baked...urgh, damn it all. I am hungry!"