Walking and Jogging are the normal way people get around in Gransys, only under extreme circumstances do people run.


Encumbrance Speed
"Ultra Light" 103%
Very Light 100%
Light 95%
Average 86%
Heavy 77%
Very Heavy 68%
Overencumbered 68%
Figures relative to
very light encumbrance

From a slow walk to a brisk jog, neither walking nor jogging expends any stamina.

Jogging speed depends on Encumbrance, but is not directly affected by Character Weight, or whether or not the weapon is sheathed or unsheathed.

Jogging speed is affected by Character Height, presumably due to longer stride from taller people.

When carrying a person, movement is slowed - the augment Conveyance allows one to carry objects as if Very Lightly encumbered, no matter the weight of the object.

Height Very Tall Tall Medium Short Very Short
Jog speed +23% +9% -- -8% -17%
relative to medium height


  • The "Ultra Light" encumbrance is only achievable with the augment Leg-Strength whilst already only Very Lightly encumbered.
  • Different torso types affect run speed - they don't affect the top jog speed though.
  • Assassins can jog (and run) slightly faster than other vocations, similar to having the augment Leg-Strength equipped - ie one as if they were less encumbered. The effect is not quiet as good as Leg-Strength.
  • The movement when using Forward Roll is governed by the same factors, thus taller characters move faster when rolling.
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