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In Dragon's Dogma characters can progressively walk, then jog, then run (or sprint). Walking and Jogging are the normal way people get around in Gransys, only under extreme circumstances do people run, which consumes stamina.


[L-stick] causes the Arisen to first walk, then jog, depending on the deflection. Run requires special input to swtich to running (usually press [L3]); once running the Arisen will continue to run until they run out of stamina or the [L-stick] is returned to center.


Encumbrance Jogging Running
Speed Stamina use Speed
"Ultra Light" 103% 85% 100%
Very Light 100% 100% 100%
Light 95% 117% 95%
Average 86% 135% 82%
Heavy 77% 165% 74%
Very Heavy 68% 200% 67%
Overencumbered 68% 200% 67%
Figures relative to very light encumbrance
(Stamina use at Very Light ~40/sec)

From a slow walk to a brisk jog, neither walking nor jogging expends any stamina. Running consumes stamina fairly rapidly

Jogging speed is also affected by Character Height, presumably due to longer stride from taller people. However neither leg length nor character height seems to have effect on run speed.

Neither walking, jogging, nor running are directly affected by Character Weight (or fatness) - however this does indirectly affect both via Encumbrance, with more heavily encumbered characters moving slower, and using more stamina when running.

The combination of increased stamina drain and reduced running speed reduces the distance a runner can travel before exhaustion by two thirds from very light to very heavy encumbrance.

When carrying a person or object, movement is slowed and running is impossible - the augment Conveyance allows one to carry objects as if Very Lightly encumbered, no matter the weight of the object. Having a weapon sheathed or unsheathed has no effect on movement speed.

Height Very Tall Tall Medium Short Very Short
Jog speed +23% +9% -- -8% -17%
Run speed no effect
relative to medium height


Main article: Jumping.

Jumping can be done in all states, the extent and type of jump depends on whether the Arisen was jogging or running.

A running character can perform a long jump of extra length once sprinting - this long jump uses further stamina. Oddly the distance jumped does not seem to be affected by run speed (ie by encumbrance.)

Both running Levitate, Vault, and Double Vault jumps can be made. Additionally running jumps in combination with Sky Rapture or Sunflare can be combined to cover substantial distances.


The augment Leg-Strength reduces stamina use when sprinting to the next lower encumbrance level.

The Dark Arisen augment Athleticism reduces stamina usage while running overall by about half, and Conveyance allows faster movement whilst Carrying things.

Alternatives to running[]


Movement speed[]

  • The "Ultra Light" encumbrance is only achievable with the augment Leg-Strength whilst already at only Very Lightly encumbered.
  • It seems that male characters run around 10% faster than female ones, even with the same torso, muscularity etc, and at the same encumbrance, and weight class.
  • Different torso types affect run speed - they don't affect the top jog speed though.
    • Generally the "male type" (ie broad) torso reduce run speed, and the lighter more "feminine" ones are faster, in effect somewhat balancing the effect of gender on run speed.
    • Torso #7, #8, and #9 (in the Character Editor) are the faster when running. #4, #11, and #12 are the slower ones.
  • Assassins can jog (and run) slightly faster than other vocations, similar to having the augment Leg-Strength equipped - ie one moves as if they were less encumbered. The effect is not quite as good as Leg-Strength, and stamina usage is not improved.
  • Faster jogging and lower Encumbrance doesn't seem to cause faster or further motion when jumping using Vault, Double Vault, or Levitate


  • Running will always make the primary weapon be put away - as this is considered out of battle stance and so if hit while running one will take slightly more damage.
  • Running into (or past) another person is considered impolite, and may reduce Affinity.
    • Running past or colliding with a worker or porter may cause shock, making them drop what they were carrying.
  • Pawns don't use stamina for running.
  • Stamina use for running in Hard Mode is not increased.