Wakestone is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A rock ensorceled with arcane magick to restore the dead to life, also known as Reaper's Scorn."

Wakestones are red heartshaped stones that can resurrect the Arisen or any human ally if they die. They can be found scattered across Gransys and on Bitterblack Isle as fragments, called Wakestone Shards. Three Wakestone Shards are required to form a Wakestone and will magically assemble in the Arisen's inventory, but will not combine while in storage.


Wakestones can be used to revive either fallen human allies or the Arisen.

Allies are revived by standing next to them and activating the "aid" action, as if one were reviving a pawn. An unconscious person can usually only be revived during a small window of time - after a minute they will be un-aidable.




2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


  • Reviving anyone or the Arisen with a Wakestone unlocks the trophy/achievement The Savior.
  • You do not have to be the one carrying the Wakestone in order for it to be used when you are defeated. Merely having it in a pawn's inventory is sufficient.
    • A Wakestone can be used in the questline; Pride Before a Fall to obtain the Magick Shield Wizard's Vizard. Please refer to quest page for more information.
    • Wakestones can be used during quests, such as escort quests, and battles with human allies.
  • Wakestones can only be used on humans - if a pawn character dies on an escort quest they will be sent back to the rift.
  • Well developed characters can collect Wakestones for profit - they are common in the Everfall, and if the Arisen and pawns can easily slay the Ur-Dragon (offline) then 20 Wakestones can be collected in a few minutes. They sell for 30,000 Gold each; the augment Suasion (stackable) can make Wakestones even more profitable.
  • (BUG) Everytime a person is revived by a wakestone the count of "Pawns Aided" is increased in the Menu > History > Pawns section.
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