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Vortex Trail is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Funnel Trail that persists for a longer period of time and boasts an expanded range to draw in even more nearby lightweight foes."

An advanced version of Funnel Trail.


Spell Duration
Funnel Trail 15 seconds
Vortex Trail 30 seconds
  • Funnel Trail and Vortex Trail can either be fired at a foe, in which case other enemies will be drawn to them; or it can be fired at a solid object, in which case enemies will be drawn to that object.
    • A foe struck with the arrow will still be free to move, though others will be attracted to it.
    • By lodging it into a large enemy such as a Golem or Cyclops, it is possible to have that enemy dispatch the smaller foes.
  • Does no damage.
  • The number of attractive arrows that can be active at a time does not seem to be limited, though casting time and spell duration will typically limit the number to five or fewer.
  • Fire the arrow into a vertical surface such as a cliff face in order to cause enemies above it to be drawn to it and possibly fall to their deaths.
  • The pull of Vortex Trail is very strong and can even pull Golems and Eliminators into its radius.
  • Can also anchor flying enemies that dive into its radius.
  • Effective in combination with spells with an area of effect, such as Explosive Bolt, or a dagger spell such as Grand Scension.

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