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Vortex Sigil is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Funnel Sigil. Draws in light foes from over a larger area and remains active for a longer period."

An advanced version of Funnel Sigil. With Dark Arisen, it becomes Maelstrom Sigil with the relevant Mystic Knight's Ring or Mystic Knight's Band equipped.


Spell Duration Radius Pull
Funnel Sigil 12 sec 3.5m 1x
Vortex Sigil 12 secs 7m 1x
Maelstrom Sigil 18 secs 11.5m 3x
Decaying Grimoire 5 sec <3m 1x
  • Visually this skill-spell is similar to the Magick Archer bow spell Vortex Trail, but the effect is much weaker and slower, and seems limited mostly to the edges of the spell's field.
  • The area of effect and pulling power increases with each skill tier.
  • Works on most giant enemies only if their limbs are not bigger than the skill's radius, although giant enemies can occasionally escape using jump/lunge/charge on the sigil's edge.
    • Chimera can escape by pouncing on the player.
    • Lich are pulled into the sigil but levitate at their usual elevation.
    • Death can escape the sigil by teleporting.
  • Casting Vortex Sigil on a bridge or cliff can pull bigger creatures to the edge and cause them to fall.
  • Effective in combination with Ruinous Sigil, even more so when both are combined at the same place as a Great Cannon sigil.
  • Decaying Grimoire casts a spell similar to Funnel Sigil.
  • It is not known if Funnel Sigil's relatively long duration is intended or a minor bug.

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