Julien in Voldoan armor

Voldoa is a location mentioned in Dragon's Dogma.


Voldoa is one of the countries neighboring Gransys to the west.[1] Its ruler is served by knights, like in Gransys, though their name and title is never revealed.

Julien is a knight sent from Voldoa to Gransys to provide help with Gransys' dragon attack. Gransys, HearthstoneMeloire and Voldoa are members of a pact made by an undisclosed number of countries to provide aid whenever a dragon attacks.


  1. ".. Voldoa, a nation that borders Gransys to the west."Set of Voldoan Armor description
  • Liore is also said to border Gransys to the west. Additionally there are said to be wastes to the west of Gransys, guarded by The Greatwall - the geographical relationship between these countries or regions is unclear.

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