Today I was researching Cursed Dragon's moves, at Duskmoon ofc. I racalled CD had tail lash attack, and tried to reproduce it. Couldn't, it simply doesn't do it outdoors. But also noticed something interesting.

- If I'd grab its tail it'd try to shake me off, that's normal. But

- if I'd "stick close" to the tip of the tail, all the time ...I'd get totally annoyed dragon. It's so annoyed it couldn't even attack! Everytime it was turning I was following the tip of the tail and so, the Cursed Dragon was basically chasing its tail ;)

What's more important, it was always reacting with lengthy roar of annoyance  - you know, dragonkin do this sometimes, usually after missin the grab (they are vulnerable during it btw). And we were spinning and spinning, and spinning ;)

Anyway, the tactic gives one plenty of time to recover some Stamina, change postion, aim a charged shot, cast a buff or some average length sorcery. Any Vocation can benefit, try it and you won't regret it.