Hey all!

Barring any objections, we will be enabling Discussions on Dragon's Dogma Wiki.

This feature will provide several benefits to your community:

  1. Enabling Discussions allows Dragon's Dogma Wiki to feature in the Fandom App. We think it'd be a great fit, given how the wiki receives around 2 million page views a month.
  2. Our data shows that users who visit Discussions tend to come back to the wiki twice as likely as someone who only looks at articles. That indicates Discussions makes a wiki more engaging and gives users something that is worth coming back for. A community is more likely to thrive if its visitors make it a regular habit, a part of their fan experience.
  3. As a consequence of both 1 and 2, wikis with an app and an active Discussions community tend to also invite more active editors, and/or get the wiki a great PR, all of which could attract more editors.

ObsidianDraconis has agreed to this provided there are no objections from the rest of the community, and has offered to moderate it -- though as agreed, we will also be able to provide help from Global Discussions Moderators should the Discussions platform be overwhelming.

We think that Dragon's Dogma would be an excellent fit for the Fandom App, and both a presence on the app and Discussions could elevate the community. If this is okay with everyone, we'd like to introduce this hopefully within a week or two.

Thank you!

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