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    Hello Dragon's Dogma Wikia community, below is a Walkthrough of one of the fastest Speedrun times by Mike Cob. His recorded time is 16 minutes and 4 seconds! He was nice enough to post the method he was following below. I've also included his recorded speedrun below for those interested in the actual process.

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  • Kraissant

    Hello all, I've decided to take over Artirtico's blog post regarding which Weapons and Armor are missing their stats.

    Below is a legend regarding what item is missing what stat:

    • D = Dragonforged stats missing
    • S = Silver Rarify stats missing
    • G = Gold Rarify stats missing

    Swords Missing
    stats Maces Missing
    stats Longswords Missing
    stats Warhammers Missing

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  • Kraissant

    This is taken from my reddit post awhile back.

    Did anyone chunk that ungrateful brat into Everfall?

    A little background for those who don't remember Pip. He's involved in the questline; Land of Opportunity. Fournival wants you to evict the tenants from a property he owns so he can sell it for quick cash, he wants you to peacefully do it. There are a couple of ways to do this, one is to run around Gran Soren and ask them to leave or you can just buy the land from Fournival and let the family stay. In post-game Pip is standing near the giant hole in Gran Soren and reprimands you for causing the damage and inadvertently the death of his parents.

    Look, I know I indirectly caused the hole in Gran Soren and your parents were just in the wrong placeā€¦

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