Hi all,

I have returned to the game after a long time, around a year later and I'm planning to make a new character. I have created 3 characters before and levelled them to max level (magick archer, ranger and strider). This time I wanted to play a charcter that is not an archer also that does not rely on climbing enemies. Archers was the most easiest to play as you can use your rusted bow to inflict torpor easily, slow the shit out of the enemies and climb them and kill them easily. This is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I felt mages and sorcerers are alittle too slow and squishy for for my liking and planned to play a mystic knight.

I heard mystic knight is one of the great classes and I wanted to build for it solely for any instance like death or ur dragon and daimon without needing to swap. I wanted some suggestions from you guys as how you level your character and what augments you choose. I want my character to be tanky, dont want him to get one shot. I created a levelling guide which you can see here . Any suggestions or counter arguments are welcome, thank you.