Dark Mother Lilith

Dragon's Dogma is really an excellent game (although flawed) in my opinion and this wiki will help you tremendously to enjoy it to the fullest.

I've been playing DD & DD:DA for more than 1,500 hours and have been countless time on this wiki.

So I think it's a good time for me to give back a bit to the community.

I'll try my best to come with useful and not so common informations and tips.

I'm a XBox360 Gamer with 2 profiles : motherLilith & LilithTheSecond

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Favored Classes

In order of preference :

1 Magick Archer
2 Sorcerer
2 Fighter
2 Mystic Knight
2 Assassin
6 Strider
7 Ranger
8 Mage
9 Warrior

Although, I'm not very fond of Mage, the only class I hate and find deeply flawed is Warrior.

Favorite Party

Magick Archer, Ranger & 2 Sorcerers.

My first Pawn - Desdemona

She's a very resilient pawn (Def 1300+) and a excellent addition to any Magick Archer with Magick Rebalancer.

With 2 Master Rings which both improve Elemental resistance, she's totally immune to both Fire and Dark and is highly resistant to Thunder (86%) !

She can survive any number of High Maelstrom, High Comestion or even some High Bolide without taking any damage.

Desdemona (motherLilith)

Pawn Desdemona
 Lv  200
 Vocation  Ranger  (sometime Strider or Fighter, although she's rank 9 in all 6 vocations)
 Inclination  Primary : Scather & Secondary : Challenger
 Online Ur Dragon Kills   4
 Bestiary Knowledge  All 3 stars except the Seneschal
 Weapons  Sapfire Daggers & Dragon's Glaze
 Gears (All Golden)  Hood of Oblivion "Boosts Strength when you've been noticed by a large group of enemies."
 Coat of Oblivion "Gradually restores Health."
 Gauntlets of Oblivion "Restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy."
 Boots of Oblivion "Prevents wind from affecting mobility."
 Abyssinal Outfit, Delta Guard & Hellfire Cloak

Defensive Set 
Offensive Set 

 Master Ring : Thunder +30% & Dark +25%, Master Ring : Fire +27% & Holy +27% /
 Master Ring : Magick +100 & Stamina +400, Master Ring : Magick +94 & Holy +28%

 Augments  Clout, Vehemence, Acuity, Attunement, Predation, Tenacity
 Daggers Skills  Hundred Kisses, Cutting Wind & Advanced Trigger
Longbow Skills  Tenfold Flurry, Deathly Arrow / Spiral Arrow / Crippling Arrow & Comet Shot

My second Pawn - Morrigan

In many ways, she's the opposite of Desdemona ; petite, on the chubby side, reluctant to fight and mostly a Glass Cannon.

Still, with more than 3.500 in Magick, she can almost kill a Dark Bishop in one High Maelstrom and buffed with Magick Rebalancer, well, she's dangerous : )

Morrigan (LilithTheSecond)

Pawn Morrigan
Lv  200
Vocation  (sometime Strider, Ranger or Mage, although she's rank 9 in all 6 vocations)
Inclination  Primary : Scather & Secondary : Utilitarian / Mitigator
Online Ur Dragon Kills  0
Bestiary Knowledge  All 3 stars except the Seneschal & Griffin
Weapons  Sanguine Stalk
Gears (All Golden)  Carrion Veil "Extends duration of equipped skills."
 Carrion Mantle "Gradually restores Health."
 Carrion Claws "Restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy."
 Carrion Greaves "Prevents wind from affecting mobility."
 Abyssinal Outfit, Delta Guard & Hellfire Cloak
 Master Ring : Magick +96 & Knockdown +34, Master Ring : Health +420 & Holy +29%
Augments  Acuity, Attunement, Conservation, Articulacy, Predation, Tenacity
Archistaff Skills  High Gicel, High Fulmination & High Comestion
 High Miasma, High Silentium / Holy Affinity / High Seism & High Maelstrom

Belladonna & Desdemona (GT motherLilith)

Thank you to everyone who've been renting them.

terghさん (Freja) と ScepticalPlayerさん (Ace)

どうもありがとうございました m(_  _)m

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