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This user's favorite dragon to battle is the mighty Grigori
This user hath slain the Ur-Dragon

This user's favorite weapon is the Totem Mace
This user's favorite armor set is the Ancient Armor Set

This user carries DRAGONFORGED gear
This user's favorite skill is the Full Moon Slash

This user's Main Character's vocation is the Mystic Knight
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This user's Pawn vocation is the Mage

This user plays Dark Arisen on the Xbox 360
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Fashion Dogma

Concept Art Gallery

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    Thank you for the hard work and dedication into making this game.

The three basic vocations

Armor Progression

Non-Player Character Gallery

Monster Gallery


Weapons and Armor


Original Plans for Dragon's Dogma before budget cuts and etc.

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This is taken from the Original Poster's summary:
  • As you can see the original plan was to have you go to an island to the northwest to face The Dragon.
  • You would learn the truth behind The Dragon after its defeat and then heads towards the Moon where you would meet the Guardian and learn about The Eternal War.
  • The Moon would have been a dungeon.
  • Eventually you would have entered the Endless Tower, which is basically what The Everfall is now and possibly kill "God".
  • You would have been able to go beyond The Shadowfort to the home of the goblins.
  • Beyond Witchwood would be an Elven Enclave.
  • "Remote island level 70" is most likely today's Bitterblack Isle.
  • Originally they had a plan for a fetch quest for a weapon to subdue The Dragon. They still had the "give up your beloved to become the duke", but there was more between: Dragon and the End of the World.
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