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  • I live in the Venery
  • My occupation is a Gran Soren "Elite", LOL
  • I am XBox GT: SphericalMass49, GlacieredDruid2, PrimalKhan457, SillyBox32

My thoughts (April 2015)

In anticipation of Dragon's Dogma Online coming out for the PC and PS4 in Japan only, I'm hopeful that eventually Capcom will release it in the US for the PS4 as well (perhaps by Christmas?).

If they ever decide to do so, this one single game will be the reason I finally decide to buy a next generation console. Fingers crossed !

My favorite things in Dragon's Dogma:

Current game status :

  1. Having maxed out my third account Arisen & pawn, I've started a fourth account to create a custom Sorcerer pawn.
  2. Trying to beat Speedrun Mode in under 34:20 (personal best time).
  3. FINALLY got my first (and second and third) online Ur-Dragon kill on November 30, 2014, and I've stopped participating in the hunt since landing my 40th kill.

Funniest thing that's happened to me in the game recently (April 2015) : Beginning a New Game in Hard Mode (fourth alt), I've been dying of laughter whenever my Lv 10 Mage Arisen gets slain by a mere Goblin near Cassardis. I've also been killed a few times by the BATS (!) in the Dripstone Cavern beneath Cassardis (until I decided to simply run past them). Good times.

Favorite vocations : Strider (for Brain Splitter), and Magic Archer (Ricochet Hunter is the shizzle !)

Favorite skill : Brain Splitter with the Eminence augment is RIDICULOUS. Most monsters can be slain in only 1-3 jumps with this skill (no periapts). Use Instant Reset between jumps to spam this skill even faster !

Most powerful pawn skill (IMHO) : Great Gamble is AMAZINGLY LETHAL ! The computer AI rarely misses a critical hit, especially when the enemy is first inflicted with Torpor (slow).

Most underappreciated skill (by most other players) : Instant Reset, as a dagger vocation. Whenever I get struck (which is rare), I don't like waiting for my Arisen to recover before I can counterattack.

Favorite spell : High Maelstrom. It's the easiest way to level up ! On Hard Mode with a Blessed Flower (Weal), walk into the Rotunda of Dread, cast High Maelstrom from the stairs, and just leave. If possible, bring only the Main Pawn to gain levels even faster.

Favorite dungeon : The Catacombs (Resident Dogma !). I just wish there was more quests to do there.

Hardest battle in Hard Mode : Arisen (non Magick Archer) + Main Pawn vs 7 Living Armor + 1 Wight + 1 Lich. Bring the Fiend Luring Incense into the Black Abbey.

Second hardest battle in Hard Mode : Arisen + Main Pawn vs 2 Firedrakes (Sparyard of Scant Mercy).

Third hardest battle in Hard Mode : Arisen (non Sorcerer) + Main Pawn vs 2 Condemned Gorecyclops + 5 Corrupted Pawns. Bring Fiend-luring Incense into the Rotunda of Dread.

Least favorite enemy to fight: Death. His insta-kill Scythe attack is bullsh!t since pawns aren't smart enough to avoid it. Players shouldn't be penalized for poor A.I. programming.

Favorite moment: Successfully killing Daimon's second form for the first time alone, in Normal Mode, wearing only underwear (the silk lingerie / leather chestguard outfit), with a White Hawk Talon sword, as an Assassin with Dire Gouge.

Favorite game secrets I learned from this Wiki: the amazing usefulness of a Rusted Bow and the Legion's Might staff, learning how to properly farm Cursed Dragons, the importance of proper pawn inclinations and enjoying the generosity of my fellow gamers who share my love for Dragon's Dogma.

Thank you to the creators of this Wiki! Mwah mwah mwah (blowing kisses) !

Pawn vocation and skill effectiveness (personal preferences)

My pawns are synched to Challenger/Mitigator inclinations. Enemies below are grouped by type :

  • Undead and Skeletons : Mages or Sorcerers with Comestion, Melee pawns with Holy weapons
  • Poisoned Undead : climbing Striders with Thousand Kisses
  • Wraiths and other ghost-types : Mages or Sorcerers light staff bolts
  • Liches : Rangers with Tenfold Flurry
  • Living Armor : Mages or Sorcerers with High Frigor and Emphasis
  • Dark Bishop : Striders with Brain Splitter, Rangers with Tenfold Flurry
  • Harpies, Succubi, Gargoyles, etc : Warriors with Eminence, Rangers with Tenfold Flurry
  • Cyclops : Mages or Sorcerers with Levin and Comestion
  • Condemned Gorecyclops : climbing Striders with Thousand Kisses and Downpour Volley
  • Elder Ogres : Fighters with Dragon's Maw, Warriors with Pommel Strike and Indomitable Lunge
  • Eliminators : Rangers with Great Gamble, Warriors with Corona Slash
  • Metal Golems : Rangers with Tenfold Flurry
  • Gorechimeras : Striders with Brainsplitter, Rangers with Great Gamble, Warriors with Pommel Strike
  • Griffins : Mages or Sorcerers with Comestion
  • Cockatrices : Fighters with Dragon's Maw, Warriors with Pommel Strike and Indomitable Lunge
  • Archydras : Mages or Sorcerers with Comestion, climbing Striders with Thousand Kisses
  • Evil Eyes : Warriors with Eminence and Indomitable Lunge
  • Gazers : Rangers with Tenfold Flurry and Thousand Kisses
  • Death : Rangers with Tenfold Flurry
  • Cursed Dragons : Mages or Sorcerers with Comestion, Melee pawns with Rusted weapons
  • Dragonkin : climbing Striders with Thousand Kisses, Rangers with Great Gamble, Mages or Sorcerers with High Miasma
  • Ur-Dragon : Rangers with Tenfold Flurry, Striders with Thousand Kisses
  • Daimon : Rangers with Tenfold Flurry, Mages with High Grapnel
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