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Ur-Dragon Generation Levels
"Then you have come... Very well, Arisen."
This article details the much stronger online Ur-Dragon, for the weaker offline foe, see Ur-Dragon (offline). Whether one encounters the Online Ur-Dragon or the Offline Ur-Dragon is determined by the player's connectivity setting in Options.

Legend tells of an immensely powerful undead dragon that appears in the Chamber of Lament in The Everfall beneath Gran Soren. The Ur-Dragon is essentially an optional end-game boss.

The online Ur-Dragon has a huge amount of health, and individual Arisen and their parties will not be able to inflict substantial damage in a single round - instead the battle continues across the worlds of all Arisen, with them collectively contributing to the defeat of the creature.

General Battle Mechanics

For vocation-specific tactics, see Ur-Dragon Class Strategies.

The Ur-Dragon's appearance is the same as The Dragon, but with a gray/lavender palette. However, unlike The Dragon, the Ur-Dragon has thirty "hearts" located all over its body, which will glow as the Arisen and/or their Pawns approach the area. Each time a heart is destroyed, the area around it will rot and fall, revealing the Ur-Dragon's true form. Destroying hearts is the most effective way to inflict damage to the Ur-Dragon, and doing so will cause the Ur-Dragon to drop plenty of valuable materials.

The Ur-Dragon encounter takes two forms: a static offline battle, and an asynchronous online encounter, where players and their parties from around the world both contribute and compete online to take down the Ur-Dragon. Defeating the Ur-Dragon online ultimately requires multiple encounters over the course of its life, but all players who inflict damage on the Ur-Dragon are eligible to receive rewards. Over time, as players contribute their effort towards the common goal, the Ur-Dragon's global health will decline. Eventually, when it is killed by the first Arisen, the Ur-Dragon will go into a "grace period", where it will appear with very little to no health and one to fifteen hearts will be brightly lit. If anyone enters the Chamber of Lament during the grace period, they will have a chance to kill the Ur-Dragon and obtain great rewards, along with other loot, and every item currently equipped on the Arisen will become Dragonforged. All active hearts must be destroyed in one round to get a kill; rounds may be repeated until either a kill is achieved or the grace period terminates. This grace period is finite and when over, a new generation spawns.

The round ends when either the Ur-Dragon flies away or the player exits the Chamber. Normally the Ur-Dragon is a timed round that lasts approximately eight minutes from landing to making an exit, however it can leave the Chamber early, at random. Leaving early is not typical behavior.

All slayers of the Ur-Dragon have their names and play times recorded in the Hall of Fame. Offline players are able to take on the Ur-Dragon alone, but will face a weaker version of it, and receive different and less powerful rewards compared to that from the online foe. For more details see Ur-Dragon (offline).

If the player has participated in killing the online Ur-Dragon, the next time they enter the Chamber of Lament while online (or immediately if the player has achieved a kill), a cutscene pointing to the loot will play; loot not collected after exiting the Chamber of Lament will vanish.

In both online and offline modes, the Ur-Dragon must be defeated within its timed round and will fly away once the allotted time runs out. Fortunately, the offline Ur-Dragon's health will not reset, though the online Ur-Dragon's health resets back to 0.1 during the grace period if it is engaged in multiple rounds.

Differentiating the offline from the online version is accomplished via its purple health bar. Upon landing in the chamber, the Online Ur-Dragon will always display the current generation number appropriate to the platform the game is played on; the offline will not.

Grace Period

Once the online Ur-Dragon has been slain by the first player, it will initiate a special period known as the Grace period. When the Ur-Dragon is summoned during Grace, it will have about 0.1 health showing on its healthbar and randomly have anywhere from one to fifteen hearts. If all hearts are destroyed in one round, that player has killed the online Ur-Dragon. There is no limit as to how many players can kill the online Ur-Dragon when it is in Grace. The Grace Period has historically changed in length from time to time; currently the PC's, PS4, PS3's and Switch Grace period is between 45 and 50 minutes. However, it has been repeatedly observed that if the PC's and Switch's Dragon has not died for a few days, the Grace period is extended to two hours; the PS4's Dragon dies too often for this to be confirmed with respect to the PS4's Ur Dragon.

Grace terminates automatically and the next generation of Ur-Dragon spawns.

There is no difference in terms of reward between taking the first kill that sends the Ur-Dragon into Grace and taking a Grace kill other than the position of the player on the Speed List, which is the first list that appears when accessing the statistics slab in the Chamber of Lament. The Speed List is populated in reverse order; the last Arisens to have killed the previous Generation are listed at the top of the Speed list. On console, once the player achieves the first online Ur-Dragon kill, the second list ranks their achievement against all other successful Ur hunters on that console. Prior to achieving the first online Ur-Dragon kill, and at all times on the PC's statistics slab, the second list will display only the top nine hunters.

If the player is unsuccessful at slaying the online Ur-Dragon, the Grace Dragon can be re-summoned for another round until Grace terminates and a new Generation's Ur-Dragon spawns. The online Ur-Dragon cycles from one Generation to the next automatically; the triggering event is the first death from an Arisen's hands that starts Grace.

Information and Stats

Undead / Dragon
Base Experience of 150,000

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:

Hard Mode experience multipliers are not applied in the Chamber of Lament


The Ur-Dragon is found in the Chamber of Lament, an extra-dimensional area, outside the world of Gransys. The chamber has two distinct entrances:

The Everfall entrance to the Chamber of Lament

The Riftstone in Starfall Bay

See § Rewards

Stats Health Attack Defense Magick
see text 3,600 380 1,300 380 100,000kg
Slash Bash FIRE BASED.png
100% 100% 75% 75% 75% 125% 30%
Tarred.png DrenchedWater.png Poison.png Blindness.png Silence.png Sleep.png Torpor.png Petrification.png Curse.png
D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png
StrengthLowered.png DefenseLowered.png MagickLowered.png MagickDefenseLowered.png Fire.png Frozen.png LIGHTNING BASED.png HOLY BASED.png DARK BASED.png
D unknown.png D unknown.png D unknown.png D unknown.png D immune.png D immune.png D immune.png D extremelyhard.png D immune.png
Sources: Dragon's Dogma - ドラゴンズドグマ & Dark Arisen (www10.atwiki.jp), the Dragon's Dogma Signature Series Guide, List of Creature Debilitation Resistances, and in-game testing.

Note! The above values are for the offline Dragon - the online Dragon may have different, possibly much higher values.

The Ur-Dragon's defenses (both DEF and MDEF) have been observed to vary from generation to generation.

Online Dragon health and damage

The console Ur-Dragons grew stronger as their respective player communities leveled up. However, a limit was reached on both consoles' (Xbox360 and PS3) online Ur-Dragon between generations 100-120.

The online Ur-Dragon's health is unknown - it is thought to have increased from its first appearance to its one hundredth appearance , and after that its health stabilized, and/or any increase per generation diminished. On the basis of an estimated damage limit per round of 30 million, representing one tenth of a health bar, with ten health "dots" the mature Ur-Dragon's total health is around 3 billion (3,000,000,000).

The health bar of the online Ur-Dragon is not always consistent between visits to the chamber.

Server Speculation

Often (especially when using multiple Maker's Finger) the Arisen will return to the chamber to find the Dragon with more health than when they last left, and hearts that where broken now renewed.

It has been speculated that this is due to there being 4 versions of the Ur-Dragon on different servers, each with their own health points, which produce. Periodically these versions sync (and average their health) causing gains in the more damage versions, and reductions in the healthier ones. (Synching is though to happen approximately every half-hour)

An alternative theory is that the Ur-Dragon's health is overwritten by the last Arisen to leave the chamber - thus if one Arisen battles the Dragon for the full period but does little damage, during which another Arisen quickly exits and enters the chamber firing multiple Maker's Fingers and destroying many hearts, that damage will all be lost if the weaker Arisen that did less damage exits last.

Other alternatives may be that some rounds simply fail to register, or that the utility of Maker's Fingers is restricted to a couple of such arrows per day. It also may be that several of these effects can affect the Dragon's health progress.

Online Ur-Dragon's Damage Cap

If the message "...Accessing server" does not appear at the top right of the screen at the end of the round, the Dragon's maximum damage cap has been exceeded. An exceeded round will have no effect on the online Ur-Dragon's health. The damage cap was implemented to avoid save-edited enhanced characters upsetting the balance of play.

Both Xbox360/PS3's Online Ur-Dragon's damage limit was determined to be, approximately 28 million (as of December 2012). This translates to around 0.10 to 0.20 of a health bar.

If the Online Ur-Dragon is killed at the end of its lifespan during a session wherein the damage cap is exceeded, the Grace period is not triggered.  The kill must be refought in order to implement Grace; that player is credited with an offline kill.

Currently, the PC's Online Ur-Dragon's damage limit is less than that of the other console Dragons.


Attack Type Description
Backdash and Fireball Mag A quick leap backwards, followed by a fireball launched at its previous location.
Fire Breath Mag A stream of fire is let loose from its mouth. Can be shot straight forward while walking, or in a stationary sweeping motion in front of it.
Fiery Drive By Mag Flies into the sky and then dives past a target, breathing fire at the ground near them as it passes. The Dragon initiates multiple passes before landing again.
Flame Eruption Mag Rears up on its hind legs to charge energy and then unleashes a large stream of fire in front of it, sending out smaller fireballs which drop around the initial impact site. Possibly the Dragon's most powerful attack.
High Bolide Mag Ten meteors indiscriminately barrage the battlefield, inflicting Fire damage upon any characters they strike, may cause Burning.
High Frigor Mag/Status Three spires of ice inflict Ice damage and propel characters into the air, potentially freezing them.
High Levin Mag A series of rapid lightning bolts which inflict Lightning damage and often knockdown.
High Petrifaction Mag/Status Invokes a magick fog which may petrify those who enter it.
Holy Furor Mag The Ur-Dragon remains motionless for a short period, and then unleashes a sigil which inflicts Holy damage upon any characters caught within the large nimbus of light.
Long Range Fireball Mag When perched upon the faraway tower, the Ur-Dragon will shoot long-range fireballs at the party. This consists of one fireball per person in the party, for as many rounds as there are persons in the party; e.g., if there are four people in the party, the Ur-Dragon will shoot four rounds consisting of one fireball aimed at each person for a total of sixteen shots, the last one always aimed at the Arisen. This can be interrupted by inflicting enough damage on the roosting Ur-Dragon's existing hearts; a successful shot will make it scream and then it will fly back down to the arena floor.
Body Slam Phys Flies straight up into the air and then quickly drops straight down, slamming into the ground on all four legs, crushing anyone beneath it.
Fly Back Phys Will fly backwards to create distance from the party, potentially inflicting crushing damage if it lands on any characters.
Grab (Arisen) Phys The Arisen is grabbed and violently smashed into the ground.
Grab (Pawn) Spec A Pawn is grabbed and inflicted with Possession, causing the Pawn to attack the Arisen.
Maul Phys When climbing near the mouth, the Dragon may attempt to swallow the Arisen, inflicting tremendous damage over time until freed by wiggling the L-stick.
Fetch Phys/Spec The Dragon grabs a victim with its mouth using a side head sweep. With the unfortunately held the Dragon can continue to perform other attacks, including Fire Breath and other Grabs.
Stomp Attack Phys A powerful attack with its two front paws, one after the other, triggered by a character's close proximity to the Ur's front feet.
Sweeping Backhand Phys A sweeping blow with either one of the front "arms" (paws) which knocks targets away from its body, inflicting heavy damage.
Tail Sweep Phys The Dragon quickly spins around while breathing fire, striking any targets within a wide radius around its feet and dislodging any characters on its tail.
Tail Whip Phys A powerful sweeping attack aimed at characters standing behind the Dragon's rear flank and dislodging any characters holding onto its tail.
Roar Spec/Status A roar which knocks the party back, inflicts Skill Stifling on the Arisen and renders all Pawns within range Unconscious.
Wind Buffet Spec Flaps its wings to repulse the party backwards with high force winds (but dealing no damage). The Wind Buffet will disrupt any skill charging, spell charging, and bow aiming while this attack in occurring.
Stifling gasp Spec/Status On ground, after a brief incantation stretches out wings and lets loose a gasp that inflicts Skill Stifling on a wide area around.

In addition to the High Petrifaction spell, the Dragon's fire breath has a limited chance to inflict Petrification.

Heart Locations

Ur-Dragon Heart Locations.jpg


Destroyed Hearts

Destroyed hearts will drop two or three items randomly. Additionally when the Dragon's belly is seriously damaged, it will become disemboweled, dropping Ambrosial Meat.

Item Head Wing Foreleg and Hindleg Palms Chest and Stomach Tail Other
Dragon Scale 5% - 5% 10% 10% 15%
Putrid Dragon Scale - 10% 10% 30% 30% 40%
Dragon Horn 5% - - - - -
Great Dragon Horn 30% - - - - -
Dragon Claw - - 10% - - -
Great Dragon Claw - - 40% - - -
Great Dragon Fang 30% - - - - -
Great Dragon Alula - 50% - - - -
Sour Ambrosial Meat 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%
Rotten Ambrosial Meat - 5% 5% 5% 10% 8%
Indurated Dragonsblood - - - 15% 15% 2%
Golden Egg - - - 10% 5% -
Wakestone Shard - - - 10% - -
Wakestone Shard - - - - - 5%

Hunt Rewards

Loot from the defeat of the Ur-Dragon in the exit room of the Chamber of Lament

Merely taking part in the online Ur-Dragon hunt grants rewards. At a minimum, Wakestone Shards are gifted. The rewards depend on the amount of damage inflicted; if limited damage was done, no weapon will be rewarded.

If the Arisen and party succeeds in killing the online Ur-Dragon, all the Arisen's equipped items will be Dragonforged. The reward cutscene will play, displaying the reward chamber with eight loot bags - of which four will be randomly-selected Ur-Dragon weapons from its full weapons table; the three items comprising the Abyssinal Armor Set; and one out of the four facemasks; plus an array of twenty Wakestones.

Non-kill rewards are awarded when the Arisen returns to the chamber of Lament after the next generation starts. A second visit begins the fight against the renewed dragon.

Caution! Returning to a checkpoint save after collecting the rewards from battle, or exiting the chamber and returning without picking up the items will result in loss of the items.
Contribution Requirements Reward
Death Kill the Ur-Dragon initiating Grace


Kill the Ur-Dragon during Grace period 

Great Over ten battles, over 1.2 million damage Wakestone, Ferrystone, 8 random rewards*
Good Over 5 battles, over 500,000 damage Wakestone, Ferrystone, 6 random rewards*
Good effort 3-5 battles, over 300,000 damage Ambrosial Meat, Wakestone Shard, 5 random rewards*
Minimum effort Ambrosial Meat, Wakestone Shard, 2 random rewards*
* If a kill was not taken, weapons will be given as random rewards at a low (e.g. ~10%) probability.

Random rewards

The rewards from contributing to the hunt and or making a killing blow are selected randomly from a list :

Ur-Dragon Reward Weapons Other Item Rewards



  • The offline Dragon is good to test and practice against, as the damage being given registers clearly on the health bar.
  • Vulnerable to holy-based spells and holy-enchanted weapons
  • To maximize the damage output, use potions, periapts , or spells that cause Strength Boosted and or Magick Boosted - to benefit the whole party use those with Group Effect (i.e., Tagilus's Miracle and or Salomet's Secret). Up to four of each can be simultaneously consumed, and will stack with each other. The Magick Archer's skill Magick Rebalancer is also an option; one use of Magick Rebalancer is the equivalent of one boost to both Magick and Magick Defense, and also stacks up to four in use at one time.
  • Focus all attacks on the brightly-colored glowing hearts spread throughout its body (see chart above). Hearts are slightly hidden purple spots at first, red when exposed, and when destroyed, will glow white temporarily and then vanish while depositing two to three item drops on the ground.
    • Hearts are revealed by doing damage - if the skin is fresh and purple, there is a live heart somewhere underneath.
    • The heart itself does not need to be hit; each heart's hitbox is fairly large.  Striking live areas around the hearts does just as much damage. This is particularly true for the outer wings, which present a large target.
    • The wing tips are generally unreachable by climbing.  The tips can be hit from the ground when the Ur lowers its wings during spell-casting, which allows Fighters & Warriors to target them.
    • Fighters may hit the edge of the outer wings' hitbox by climbing to the extremity of the Dragon's wing 'knuckle' - and flailing.
    • The hearts on the back and upper sides of the Dragon are out of reach of its Holy Furor attack, making any climbers who choose to roost there effectively untouchable as long as they remain in place.  This is not the case when mounted on the legs, tail, head and, depending on the Dragon's movements, chest or belly hearts.
  • Observe the color of the blood that emerges when attacking the weak spots. If it is purple, then damage is being done. If it is white/gray then no damage is being done. Brown blood is spilled when attacking a dead area.
  • The augment Stability or armor with the bonus enhancement "Prevents wind from affecting mobility" prevents being staggered or knocked down by a Dragon's wing's wind buffet.
  • The Holy Furor spell can be blocked with a shield provided the Arisen has sufficient stamina; executing a Perfect Block will Deflect or Reflect damage back at the Ur-Dragon and consumes no stamina.
    • The damage of Holy Furor can be mitigated with holy resistance, but the stagger effect cannot. The accumulated stagger or knockdown damage is a common cause of dislodging a climbing attacker or sending a standing character into a sprawling stumble. To mitigate this, equip armor, items or augments that reduce staggering such as an Ogre Bone.
    • Again, climbers attacking the hearts on the Dragon's upper sides or back will find that they are out of Holy Furor's reach.
  • The Ur-Dragon's Frigor spell can be perfect blocked.
  • Staggering the Dragon is an effective tactic since it prevents the Dragon retaliating:
    • The Ur-Dragon's left arm can be easily staggered while it attempts to cast a spell.
    • The Ur-Dragon's right arm can be easily staggered when attempting to Possess a pawn. Staggering always interrupts the Ur-Dragon's attempts at Possession or spell-casting (or interruption always staggers).
    • Raising stagger damage is effective. For example, increasing stagger for a holy focused bolt from around 400 to around 500 increases the stagger frequency from occasional stagger to nearly every strike.
    • Target the head area to make the Dragon reel. A High Maelstrom or a Blast Arrow head shot will reliably do this.
    • Climbing Warriors are quiet effective at staggering the Dragon, just with their core attack.

Roosting Dragon

Occasionally, the Dragon will fly up to a roost at the far northeast of the structure, far beyond melee range. Whilst there it will launch fireballs at the party.

  • Engaging the Dragon exclusively from the west side of the arena lessens the chance the Ur-Dragon will fly up to its perch. Roosting wastes precious time in an Online encounter, especially during a Grace Period.
  • Sufficiently damaging the Dragon whilst roosting will cause it to leave its perch, otherwise it will barrage the party with up to four volleys of four fireballs.
  • Useful attacks include Blast Arrows, Mighty Bend, Tenfold Flurry, Comet Shot, or Ingle based spells.
  • Maker's Finger can reach the Dragon and will destroy a heart, but does not cause the Dragon to leave its roost.
  • Any items from hearts destroyed whilst the Dragon is roosting will appear near the edge of the low rocky platform closest to its perch.
  • Note that Great Gamble does not function properly on a roosting Dragon.

Flying Dragon

More rarely than roosting the Dragon will take to the eair and perform fly-by attacks using it's breath during a low level swoop. The Ur-Dragon can be shot down out of the air if a live heart is hit or if its mouth is struck while breathing fire.

Hitting the Ur-Dragon out of the air when it is about to breathe fire will cause the Ur-Dragon to collapse as if a heart has been destroyed.

Vocation Strategies

For vocation-specific tactics, see Ur-Dragon Class Strategies.

In general, Sorcerer, Ranger, Assassin and Mystic Knight are preferred vocations for Ur-Dragon hunting in terms of utility and damage - to maximise damage, specific sets of skills and tactics are required - these are (summary):

  • Sorcerer - holy enchanted Focused Bolt
  • Assassin - climbing attacks with Hundred Kisses and Gale Harness, or Dire Gouge is nearly as effective
  • Ranger - Tenfold Flurry preferably with Blast Arrows and if possible holy enchantment as well.
  • Mystic Knight - multiple holy enchanted Great Cannon - specialised tactics for activating the cannon, such as Shield Ripostes are also recommended - the easiest and most reliable method is to place a Ruinous Sigil close to the cannon and rely on the Dragon's own motions to activate the onslaught.
    • Unfortunately the shield Zombiebane does not increase damage against the Ur-Dragon.
  • Strider pawns are also effective, with both good ranged and climbing attacks but lack the highest power skills of the Ranger and Assassin classes. However, they do benefit from excellent climbing speed and a fast strike rate when climbing. Additionally, the other classes can be effective - all dagger users can utilise Hundred Kisses as a climbing attack; both Warriors and Fighters can perform well using clinging attacks, and tend to have relatively trouble free rounds in such a position due to high defense, their primary weakness is the difficulty they have attacking the wings.
  • Magick Archer and Mage lack the ultimate maximum power of the Sorcerer due to the higher magick power of Archistaves, but can still be effective with holy focused bolts, or specialised skills.

It should go without saying that all available methods to maximise damage should be taken, including the use of augments, periapts and potions, choice of weapons, and strength and magick boosting equipment.

Pawn-specific tactics


The Ur Dragon, together with Cursed Dragons, are the only Dragonkin that do not require the Arisen's hand to slay; pawns can land the final blow to kill both the online and offline Ur-Dragon. All methods to maximise damage should be taken, and since pawns will not use boosting potions in the Chamber of Lament, the use of group damage increasing magick and potions is recommended, i.e., Salomet's Secret and Tagilus's Miracle. Consider equipping climbing pawns with Gloves of Might as well.

  • Specific pawn behaviours can be encouraged through the manipulation of Pawn Inclination - Scather may encourage certain pawn vocations to climb.
    • Commanding "Help" encourages a caster pawn to enchant weapons or heal.
    • Eliminating feet and ankle hearts first will encourage melee pawns to climb and attack.
    • Removing a secondary weapon (e.g., bow) will ensure melee attacks, however, removing a primary weapon may just result in the pawn attempting Unarmed Combat.
    • Equipping a reduced skill set on a pawn encourages the use of favoured skills, though a pawn with a full skill set and high knowledge will tend to use better suited skills anyway.
  • Pawns will generally use group health curatives (e.g., Spring Water) if any of the party is badly hurt. This healing is far quicker and more effective than any Mage's Anodyne spell.
  • Three star Bestiary knowledge for the Ur-Dragon is relatively easily acquired, and recommended.
  • Strider pawns are the fastest and strongest climbers and also have reasonable ranged and clinging attacks - the same skills as for an Arisen can be chosen, and they may show great skill at targeting ranged skills such as Splinter Dart. No pawn will use Blast Arrows in the Chamber of Lament.
  • Ranger pawns are excellent at long range attacks, but will not use Blast Arrows in the Chamber of Lament. They are especially skilled at timed ranged attacks such as the Deathly Arrow and Great Gamble skills.
    • In combination with Great Gamble, the supply of group stamina curative (Mushroom Potage) forms a tactic whereby the Ranger also constantly refreshes the whole party's stamina. Equip a main pawn with Great Gamble or enlist a support pawn with Great Gamble equipped. Great Gamble can be the only bow skill or it may be also equipped with Tenfold Flurry. Provide the pawn with ample Mushroom Potage; 30-50 of these potions are recommended. The pawn will use Great Gamble because it is a very effective attack; it will deplete the Ranger's stamina, compelling them to replenish it with the Mushroom Potage in its inventory, replenishing the stamina of all other party members, allowing them to use their most powerful attacks without interruption. Less potent group stamina curatives like Rousing Incense, Rousing Perfume, or Finest Herb Ale may be substituted. These less potent curatives will most likely be adequate to satisfy the stamina needs of the party. However, it should be noted that the less stamina available to the Ranger, the less powerful the Great Gamble shot will be. Note that pawn inclinations will have some influence on the use of Great Gamble and the use of group curatives. This strategy has the double benefit of allowing a Ranger to "spam" Great Gamble whilst supporting the party in their high frequency use of strong, high stamina requirement skills.
  • Sorcerer pawns equipped with High Fulmination can add considerable damage when other party members climb the Ur-Dragon. High Maelstrom is effective in causing the Ur-Dragon to repeatedly reel ('stun lock').
    • A holy enchantment casting magician is a practical must have in every Ur-Dragon battle - note that a pawn may preferentially cast Fulmination spells over holy enchantments, even when requested with the "Help" - a potential best of both worlds solution to this is to hire two Sorcerers, one with Fulmination, the other with holy enchantment abilities. That said, unless the Ur-Dragon is repeatedly and consistently interrupted and stepping a half-step backwards, no pawn will cast an enchantment; caster pawns will be busy defending or attacking instead.
  • A Mage may be of best use in the Ur-Dragon battle through casting of Holy Affinity and High Anodyne. However, when commanded to help, a Mage is likely to preferentially heal rather than enchant, making the holy enchantment abilities little used. A Mage without healing spells, and optionally with the self-resurrecting Legion's Might staff could be of some use in the battle, though the Mage's range of less powerful spells means a Sorcerer provides better support and will contribute significantly more damage.
  • Fighters can give good support, particularly in a supporting climbing role alongside the Arisen, but lack any special skills that make them of special use.
  • A climbing Warrior (especially with Dragon's Flight) can constantly stun the Ur-Dragon - however in many situations they will fail to climb, and use up much stamina attacking the feet.

Weapon damage

For all but the most experienced Arisen, maximizing weapon damage (as well as personal defense) will be key to the Ur-Dragon battle. In general, weapons dealing lesser damage than the Dragon Weapons may be inadequate.

In addition to general advice on equipping enhancing armor, rings, augments, and consuming boosting potions, the following advice can be given on specific weapon types:

  • Daggers
    • For Striders only the climbing melee damage boost makes Dragon's Vein better than the Heaven's Key holy enchanted dagger, even when Dragon's Vein is unenchanted.
    • For other dagger classes Heaven's Key will usually be better. At the highest level, with additional holy enchantments on both the pure physical dagger can reach and slightly exceed Heaven's Key, but only slightly.
    • Framae Blades are superior to Sapfire Daggers with or without holy enchants.
    • Using the climbing core skill attacks instead of Hundred Kisses can shift in favor of the physical weapon.
  • Sword vs. Dagger - Assassin choices - the Sword gives better damage with both standard attacks and clinging attack skills than the dagger for Assassin (i.e., Dire Gouge vs Hundred Kisses, or comparable light attacks with either weapon) - however this situation can be reversed if the Assassin uses Gale Harness in combination with the dagger attack skill Hundred Kisses.
  • Warhammers and Longswords - the Grigori weapon rewards are more powerful against the Ur-Dragon than the Ur-Dragon weapons themselves, for a strength-based Warrior (but only when climbing). Bitter End is superior to Boltbringer under practically all situations. The unique weapon Dragon's Flight exceeds all these other weapons; by a substantial amount with a high strength character.
  • Archistaff - Talarian White slightly exceeds the power of Dragon's Wit and carries an innate holy enchantment - it should be used in preference - however since both archistaves would likely by over-enchanted to obtain the higher powered Focused Bolt spell, the differences are minor. Weapons from Bitterblack Isle easily exceed both, and Caged Fury can exceed all when fully charged with a high magick character.

Maker's Finger

A successful Maker's Finger hit will destroy a single heart, regardless of its state. Lesser or greater damage is done to the Ur-Dragon depending on the concentration of HP in the targeted heart - in general a fresh heart has somewhere between one and three fifths of a health bar.

  • Do not use a Maker's Finger prior to the online Ur-Dragon's introductory rear and roar. It can and will ignore its effect.
  • In certain states the dragon is immune from the knockdown from having a heart destroyed with the arrow - this includes when preparing the "flame eruption" attack, and when roosting.
  • The arrow is easy to target when the Dragon is incanting a spell, or possessing a pawn. A similar opportunity exists when the Dragon is writhing as a result of a destroyed heart, interrupted breath, or when it has been knocked down from a diving attack.
  • During the Grace period, the Maker's Finger arrow can be of great utility in destroying any heart that would be difficult to destroy in the short time period - either especially strong hearts, or hearts in awkward positions.
  • A single successful Maker's Finger will give 'great' defeat rewards, with 8 randomly chosen items.
  • Use of Maker's Fingers may fail to register on the Dragon's health across rounds - this is due to how the server registers the Dragon's health - (see the Server Speculation section) - this does not seem to affect rewards.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge

For full information, refer to the Dragonkin section in the Bestiary.

Enemy specific:

  • Weak to Holy
  • Witness debilitations inflicted on a party member.

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it is necessary for Pawns to participate in killing (not driving it away) the Ur-Dragon 15 times, be it Online or Offline, regardless of who in the party delivers the last blow, either with their own Arisen or while traveling with others.


Pawn Chatter

"Th-that dragon...!
"If we could spark its breath to explode early..."
"The dragon's flesh is wrought from the hearts of Arisen."
"How many Arisen have become a meal for this beast...?"
"'Tis useless to strike at its bones!"
"Its bones are immune to attacks!"
"Strike where the beast glows!"

The Dragon

When arriving in the Chamber of Lament:

"Arisen... I know you well..."'
"You would rise against me once more?"'
"Then you have come...Very well, Arisen."'
"Accept your fate."'
"Cede your life to me..."

When trying to possess a Pawn :

"Madness calls, my puppet."

On death :

"You...Truly, you are worthy...."
"Even I cannot stay you..."
"Go and see what lies beyond"(verify)


  • The Messiah - earned by defeating the Ur-Dragon either offline or online.

Messiah Trophy

The Messiah Trophy/Achievement. This kill was executed by a player of the original Dragon's Dogma prior to Dark Arisen in which certain augments function differently.


  • Capcom officially stated that the Online Ur-Dragon does not regain health.
  • Ur-Dragon item drops (when a heart is destroyed) will eventually disappear if neglected for too long (3 minutes), or if too many drops are on the field at the same time.
  • The Ur-Dragon will return to the Chamber of Lament as soon as The Everfall is exited, unlike most creatures which take several days to return.
  • In both Easy and Hard Mode, the game automatically switches to Normal Mode when the player enters the Chamber of Lament to battle the online or offline Ur-Dragon. Upon exiting the Chamber of Lament, the game's difficulty will automatically revert to either Easy or Hard Mode. The Ur-Dragon's intelligence, behavior (A.I.), difficulty, and rewards are the same for Hard, Normal and Easy Modes.
  • Note that in Dark Arisen the Bezel Crown was nerfed from 5x XP to 2x XP, making it entirely less desirable in terms of gaining experience as its stamina drain is unchanged. If the Arisen is alone when killing the Ur-Dragon with the Bezel Crown bow, they will yield massive experience points. However this is extremely hard to do normally since the weapon does very little damage, thus an effective strategy to adopt is to use a more powerful bow until the Ur-Dragon's health is low, then switch to the Bezel Crown to destroy the last heart or two. It is recommended to have it at least Dragonforged. Use Liquid Vims so the increased loss of stamina will not get in the way.
  • Rewards are still given for the contribution to the battle even if the Arisen dies during battle (including reloading an earlier Checkpoint save)
    • (Exploit) Dying (or Godsbaning) before the end of the battle will recover any consumables used (excluding the Maker's Finger) - thus is possible to get contribution rewards whilst recovering consumables
    • However 'godsbaning' to change Ur-Dragon rewards (weapons) will almost certainly result in the loss of the rewards altogether.
  • (Glitch) It is possible that, when the Ur-Dragon does his special attack "Fiery Drive By" and is shot from the air by a ranged attack, he will fall to the ground and clip through it completely making it impossible for the player to attack the Ur-Dragon. Exiting the chamber and re-entering will restart the fight as normal. This can also happen while airborne from and towards the faraway tower from where he will use his "Long Range Fireball" attack.
  • (Glitch) If too many loot pieces are on the arena floor when the online Ur-Dragon is killed, one can receive less than eight loot bags. Capcom has said there is a finite number of objects that can appear in the Chamber of Lament. This was a particular problem during the two festivals since the Ur-Dragon's hearts were so easily destroyed; this has also been a recurring problem in the PC's Chamber of Lament due to the low defenses of the online Ur within its Grace period.
  • (Glitch) The online Ur-Dragon can be interrupted right in the middle of its leap backwards, only to hang in the air flapping its wings and flinching/screaming. This puts the Ur-Dragon out of effective range of shortbows and all Warrior/Fighter attacks. If the Arisen is on the Ur-Dragon, simply stop attacking for a moment and it will land.


  • The Ur-Dragon's health is very approximately as much as 36 thousand Drakes.
  • In this context "Ur" probably means "earliest" or "original" - or "proto". So literally "proto-Dragon".
  • Capcom's Pawn Community Website ( http://game.capcom.com/dragonsdogma/en/ ) used to track Ur-Dragon health and generations, but is no longer accurate

Platform specific versions

None of the versions of Dragon's Dogma or Dark Arisen require paid online to access online services including the Ur-Dragon.

Health Status Tracking

There are online communities that provide helpful health tracking, generation level, and/or grace period for the Ur-Dragon:

Several sites actively track the Ur-Dragon and its Grace period :

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