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Upon a Pawn is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"You met a pawn, one of the race of wanderers from realms unknown. Lead this mysterious immortal to the Enlistment Corps camp."

When walking near the gates of Cassardis for the first time after the Dragon attack, the Arisen comes upon a pawn. This mysterious being, human in appearance, is summoned by the nearby Riftstone. He seems to bear a link with the Arisen and comes to join as a follower.

Adaro believes that more pawns are gathered in the Encampment and suggests the Arisen goes there and find out why this pawn came to Cassardis to offer the Arisen his services.


This quest requires the Arisen to walk from Cassardis to The Encampment. On the way there, there'll be an option to save a peddler who is being assaulted by Goblins.

Make for the Encampment[]


Dragon's Dogma Upon A Pawn

Upon a Pawn ~ Video Walkthrough

Once the Arisen comes close enough to the gates of Cassardis for the first time, a pawn appears and greets the Arisen. He introduces himself as Rook. He will accompany the Arisen as their first pawn and offer support as they wander about Cassardis and the neighboring countryside.

Once the Arisen is ready to leave, exit Cassardis. Rook will lead them to the next portion of the quest. While the Arisen is free to explore and wander about and search the area, the quest requires the Arisen to follow the Seabreeze Trail towards the Encampment.


Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Upon a Pawn

Save the Peddler (optional)[]

About a quarter of the way between Cassardis and the Encampment, the camera will shift to a peddler named Reynard being attacked by Goblins. The Arisen is given the option to rescue or ignore him. It is recommended to save Reynard, as he will give the Arisen a Leather Cape as a reward and open up his questline, which includes easy access to some good items. Reynard also provides an enhancing service for upgrading equipment initially in the Encampment after the Arisen completes the following quest Call of the Arisen.

  • If the Arisen chooses to either go along the shore of the Unusual Beach or along the grassy area to the south of the Seabreeze Trail to reach the Encampment, they will not see Reynard and the chance to save him is lost.

Make for the Encampment[]

Whether or not Reynard is saved, make for the Encampment at the end of Seabreeze Trail.

Quest Successful[]

The quest will complete shortly before entering The Encampment. The next quest, Call of the Arisen will automatically start once the Arisen enters.

If Reynard was saved, he will be inside the Encampment after Call of the Arisen is completed.

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