Union Inn is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"This inn serves as a guild for local adventurers. Speak with innkeep Asalam to recover health, learn skills, and manage your stored items. Additionally, once you've grown enough as Arisen, you will be able to change vocations here."
–In-game description

The Union Inn is located within the Fountain Square of Gran Soren and is run by Asalam. It serves various important functions :

The sign above Union Inn reads "Guild" in the Gransys alphabet.


Notice board quests

The Union Notice board is the preferred location of the citizenry of Gransys to place escort requests. Most Escort Quests start here excluding a few that begin at Pablos' Inn in Cassardis.

There are over 200 people who live outside of Cassardis village and many have escort missions that can be found on the Union Inn notice board.


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