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Unconcious debil

Unconsciousness is a debilitation which incapacitates Pawns.

"My consciousness...fades..."


When Pawns lose all their health, either in battle, through debilitations such as burning, or poison, or by falls from a great height, they are rendered unconscious, and unable to perform any action save cry for help.

Dragon Roar may also instantly render a pawn unconscious, as may the spell Exequy when cast by foes.

If the Arisen aids the pawn, they are restored to life, with half of their health - if unaided, the unconscious pawn will return to the rift after three minutes.

Augments and special items[]

Items or Augments Health regained
none 50%
Wanderlust Ring 75%
Restoration 75%
Wanderlust Ring with Restoration ~90%
Two Wanderlust Rings 90%
Two Rings with Restoration 100%

Several augments help pawns restored from unconsciousness :

The Wanderlust Ring has the same function as the augment Restoration.

Pawns with the Legion's Might staff are automatically 'resurrected' without any aid from unconsciousness.

Additionally the augment Tenacity gives a chance that attacks that would have reduced all health leave one hit point instead, reducing the chance of becoming unconscious.


Unconcious status

Status screen condition

  • All unconscious Pawns within the minimap range will be teleported with the Arisen if the destination is haven area.
    • Additionally all the Aid timers will be reset.
  • Unconscious Pawns will also be teleported to the position of the Arisen after Brine spits him out.
  • Pawns with the Nexus or Medicant inclinations will carry an unconscious pawn to the Arisen. Nexus as the 1º inclination seems more eager to carry than when in 2º. Pawns without Nexus will not carry 'dead' pawns at all, unless asked to using "Help".
  • Pawns aided from unconsciousness loose all secondary debilitations, as well as any invigorations.
  • The Arisen, and other humans and creatures do not become unconscious in the same way as pawns when all their health is gone - instead they are dead - in in the case of humans can be revived with a Wakestone, but cannot be saved any other way.
  • Several attacks and effects send a pawn immediately to the rift without the intermediate unconscious state.  These include: Petrification, Daimon's vortex attack, the spell Great Sacrifice, the Brine, Death's scythe attack, the heavy possession attack by Ghosts, and a fall into an abyss.
  • Unconsciousness is an exception amongst 'debilitations' in that Impervious does not protect against it, nor cure it.