True Seeker is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Arrows fired from magick bows have improved enemy-seeking capabilities."

An advanced version of Seeker, which makes the magic arrows much more mobile and so more likely to hit moving targets.

Notes, Usage and tactics

Seeker and True Seeker fire a single magick arrow at a targeted enemy - the core skill fires magick arrows with no elemental attribute.

These are the only magick bow skills that can take on an elemental attribute via Weapon enchantment. With an upgraded Rusted Spellbow, these core skills can also inflict poison and/or torpor.

The magick arrow has finite range, though untargeted foes directly aimed at can be hit at the extremities of distance beyond that which show a targeting rune. The effective distance is extended by the Ranger augment Trajectory, but not the range at which the aiming rune appears.


  • Like other spells, but unlike other physical bow attacks, damage is independent of range.
  • Damage is the same for Seeker and True Seeker
  • Damage seems to scale equally with core, weapon, and equipment based magick power - the total magic attack power is multiplied by around 0.75 before subtracting the foe's magick defense.
  • Will benefit from magick boosting augments, as well as the invigoration Magick Boosted, and will benefit from elemental enchants that exploit weaknesses.
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