Treasure Chest is an environmental object found in Dragon's Dogma.


Treasure Chests are objects found throughout the world of Dragon's Dogma that contain either weapons, armour, items or gold.

Some chests always contain the same items, while others will contain an item selected randomly from a list of objects - different items may have different chances of being found, and each chest has its different objects it may chance to contain.

Most chests will be refilled after a certain length of time (roughly 3 to 10 days) - exceptions included chests that contained quest specific items.

Chest types

There are three standard chest types, of increasing security and ornateness. The most ornate chests tend to return the highest valued or rarer items.

The three types are commonly referred to as : Level 1, or bottom tier; Level 2 or mid tier; and Level 3 or top tier. Level 1 being the cheapest looking chest, and level 3 being the most ornate.

In Bitterblack Isle some chests may have become the home of a Maneater.


Sarcophagi are stone coffins found commonly in The Catacombs, but also in isolated locations above ground including the Barta Crags, Northface Forest, and Deos Hills, and also in the Chamber of Woe in The Everfall (Post-Dragon) - like chests they can contain treasure, but unlike chests the contents are fixed to a single item.

Some Catacombs sarcophagi are booby trapped with a gas that inflicts curse upon opening. They may be distinguished by barely visible grey fumes leaking from under the lid - lighting nearby Lamps will significantly increase gas leaks' visibility. The booby trapped sarcophagi are one-time objects and do not respawn after being opened.

Pawn Chatter

On discovering or taking the contents of chests

"What's this?"
"This looks interesting."
"Hm? What's that?"
"Let's have a look..."
"This may provide aught of use."
"I'll take that."
"Treasure, perhaps?"


  • The daggers Dowsing Spikes chime and glow green when in proximity to unopened chests.
  • The restocking of chests is influenced by a number of factors
    • Chests may refill after resting, but nearby chests may not be affected e.g. Rest at the Greatwall Encampment does reset the chest in the ruins of Heavenspeak Fort, but however have no effect on the chest just down hill around the Goblin band immediately.
    • Leaving an area may make the refilling of a chest more likely e.g. Resting for seven days at the Greatwall Encampment seems to have no effect on the chests nearby, but if Heavenspeak Fort is visited before returning to the Greatwall the chests will be renewed.
    • Eight rests are needed for a chest's contents to respawn.
  • The contents of a chest are randomly generated from a particular list specific to that chest, with each item having a different percentage chance of being discovered. The item you find in the chest is decided at the point that it is opened - saving before opening a chest (also saving after and even moving away far enough as long as it wasn't emptied) allows an exploit to reroll the chest's content - see also Godsbaning.
  • Chests containing quest items do not restock.
  • Sarcophogi can only be opened once during the main quest. They restock and reset in New Game Plus.

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