Dragon's Dogma Wiki

Trajectory is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Causes your arrows to fly further."

Causes all arrows to fly 30% farther.


Without With Trajectory
Shortbow 90 117
Longbow 90 117
Magick Bow 60 78
  • Distance increase is purely applied to how far an arrow may travel before being de-rendered.
    • Render distance is +30% to max distance the projectile is allowed to travel.
    • Because velocity is different for each bow type (and some skills), some projectiles will travel their maximum allowed distance faster or slower than others.
  • Affects all Short Bows, Longbows, Magick Bows, and their respective skills and spells.
  • Doesn't affect speed, and so doesn't affect flight path.
  • For Shortbows and Longbows
    • The Range/Damage thresholds of Shortbows and Longbows are not improved.
    • Creatures and objects generally go out of the game-engine's range (meaning they are not displayed and cannot be damaged) before an arrow disperses
    • This makes Trajectory mostly useless for physical bows
  • For Magick Bows
    • The range increase allows creatures that were out of range without Trajectory to be hit with the augment; however, the range of a spell's targeting sigil is not extended, so shots need to be accurately targeted.
    • Distance travelled includes elevation so, if the arrow is shot upwards, the horizontal distance will be shorter.
    • Though the distance of the initial path of a Ricochet Hunter bolt is extended, subsequent bounces are not prolonged.
  • Spells such as Magick Bolt are not boosted.