Thrown Damage is damage done by holding or carrying objects to within range of a target, and then throwing the thing at the foe.

For thrown item use by pawns, see Pawn curative and tool use.


A wide variety of objects can do damage to foes if thrown - from the humble Festival Pie to hefty Large Stones - some are thrown to cause damage, others to inflict debilitations. Throw items also may cause stagger or knockdown - the larger or heavier the object the better.

Aiming thrown objects is best done by placing the enemy straight ahead, easier done if moving towards them. A throw will not carry much further than two height lengths ahead - attempting to throw at foes above or below even on slight slopes can be tricky or problematic.

Generally any thrown object will be destroyed by the act of throwing.


Damage from thrown objects generally scales with the Core Strength of the thrower. Thrown damage is not affected by strength or magic boosts, either by primary or secondary weapons, nor by equipped clothing or armor, nor by augments either. Strength Boosted (eg Conqueror's Periapt) does not increase thrown damage either (with rare exceptions).

Almost all thrown objects do Blunt Damage. Large (heavy) objects generally have good stagger and knockdown.

The Dark Arisen curiosity Vandal's Ring increases thrown damage.

For full details and how damage is calculated, see Skill multiplier data and Damage Calculation.
Base Power Strength damage † Notes
Barrel 400 120% Low damage, but may be useful to stagger
Box 100 to 300 150% Depends on size etc.
Brick 1200 320% High initial damage, damage increases well with strength
Ceramic Jug 200 140% Inflicts Drenched
Coin Purse of Charity 15,000 200% Uses up to 10,000 gold. If insufficient gold is available damage will be reduced correspondingly. Split blunt and holy damage (around 7,700 each), hence will damage physically resistant foes like Specters.
Cracked pot 300 120%
Dragon's Spit 950 100% Small firebomb that hits up to four times. Also inflicts Burning
Explosive Barrel 3750 200% A blast gives powerful Knockdown or Stagger damage, and may inflict Burning.
Festival Pie 2 20% Barely any physical damage. Inflicts Blindness
Foreign Knife 1300 None Does Slashing Damage. Damage does not scale with strength, but is boosted by the invigoration Strength Boosted (eg from Conqueror's Periapt)
Indestructible crate 300 100% ..
Kindling 200 160% Can be ignited in a fire and thrown to inflict Burning
Large flask 350 120% Narrow necked pot with wickerwork holder
Large Stone 1200 200% Good Stagger and Knockdown.
Oil Flask 400 200% Inflicts Tarring
Oil pot 300 120%
Pawns 270 180% Can be used repeatedly, but damage is limited.. Undead, Goblins and so on can also be used to similar effect.
Poison Flask 400 200% Inflicts Poison
Poison pot 300 120%
Pot 500 120% Wide necked pottery
Rock 200 300% Common and useful
Skull 350 200% Inflicts Curse
Throwblast 6100 200% High base explosive damage. A blast gives powerful Knockdown or Stagger damage, and may inflict Burning
Water flask 400 200% Inflicts Drenched
Water pot 300 120%
Wood Bundle 350 130% Breaks into kindling on impact
Additional damage derived from the thrower's Core Strength - it is added to the base to give the total attack power. 150% means core strength is added one and a half times.

Enemy throws

Cyclops throw explosive barrel

Cyclops Barrel throw

Foes will throw objects - most types of Goblin throw small holdable objects including stones, flasks that blind, dragon's spit, etc.

Cyclops species will throw some carryable objects notably Explosive Barrels and Oil pots - they are able to throw such objects a long way.


  • Pawns will effectively use (most) thrown holdable objects to good effect and with good aim. For more details see Pawn curative and tool use.
  • Throwing objects uses no stamina, causes reasonable damage, and uses often nearly valueless items.
  • There is no automatic targeting with thrown objects.
  • Just as Strength Boosted does not increase damage, neither does Lowered Strength diminish damage.
  • Carried living, dead, and undead) creatures can be thrown to inflict a small amount of damage on themselfs. Some Fauna such as Giant Rats and Boars do not damage anything when thrown.

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