The Wages of Death III is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"What a giant! I'd long considered myself an authority on cyclopes, but this labyrinth has twisted the foul creatures to unimagined depths of grotesquery. I can ill understand the joy I felt to breathe the deathly stench of the creature, 'twas not courage or fear, but some aspiration that lie within me. I would have you feel the same rapture!"

Slay two Gorecyclopes (Condemned) held at Bitterblack Isle.

This quest is the fourth quest available on The Warriors' Respite's notice board, after Echoes from the Beyond, Hope Springs Infernal and An Unseen Rival I.


The Wages of Death III (quest walkthrough)

The Wages of Death III (quest walkthrough)

Slay the weaker enemies before taking on the 2 Condemned Gorecyclops. Inflicting them with Torpor will make them easier to climb for 25 seconds. Remove the face mask by slashing the strap at the back of its head and attack at the base of its neck, beyond its grabbing reach. Equipping the augments Adhesion, Arm Strength and Opportunism are helpful when climbing enemies.

For this quest, two Gorecyclopes (Condemned) have to be defeated.

One can be found in the Midnight Helix, and more may be found on the first floor of The Forgotten Hall or by entering the Rotunda of Dread with Fiend-luring Incense in the party's inventory.

Once two have been defeated, the quest will complete.


  • Refer to the page on Gorecyclopes (Condemned) for more details of this creature's habits, locations, and weaknesses in battle.
    • In general these giants are weak to ice.
  • The Condemned Gorecyclopes encounted during the quest An Unseen Rival II do not count towards the total.
  • Because only 3 quests may be undertaken from this notice board at any given time, it will be necessary to complete one of the first 3 quests before this one can be obtained.
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