The Tainted Mountain Temple is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Tainted Mountain Temple is located in the high mountains dividing east Gransys from west. It is accessed from The Greatwall castle via a low level passage, and leads to a former Kingdom in the mountains, located on the slopes of The Tainted Mountain.

The temple leads to the showdown with the Dragon in both Savan's and the Arisen's story.

Historic description

At the time of Savan, as retold in the quest The End at the Beginning, the temple was inhabited by monsters including Goblins, Hobgoblins, Snow Harpies and a Chimera. During this time the King's (or Duke's) army assaulted the temple in an attempt to attack and defeat the Dragon, but they were beaten back, taking great losses. Ser Ashrore in the Holding Room will explain briefly what has happened, if spoken to.


There is a Chest in the middle of the Temple Antechamber, and another in the passage leading from there to the Grand Hall. There is also Liquid Vim on the top of one of the pillars in the largest of the rooms.

Present description

View from Path to Dragon's Domain looking back to the path back to the Greatwall

In the present, the temple is inhabited by Hellhounds, Geo Saurians, Succubi, Spiders, and a Gorechimera.

The door door from the Grand Hall onwards is initially locked by four Pressure Plates.


Lava Flower, Wintry Herb, Bringbout, and Gransys Herb grow here whilst Ore deposits yield Fuligin Ore, Gold Ore, and Silver Ore.

The Temple, especially the interior, is full of curatives, gold, and other items; often in out of the way places.


Temple 4 skew.png

Chest Contents Chest Contents
1 Argence, Cleric's Incense, Decoction of Bandlily, Steel Sabatons, Meloirean Greaves. 2 Feral Cape, Gryphic Cloak, Royal Mantle, Dignified Cape.
Nearby Weapon Pile may yield: Jewel of Silence, Stalwart Earring, Harspud Sauce, Rusted Greatsword
3 Meloirean Armguard, Harspud Sauce, Steel Nut Salve, Balmy Incense, Alchemickal Bangles, Steel Gauntlets.
Nearby Weapon Pile may yield: Harspud Sauce, Jewel of Petrifaction, Exuberant Earring, Large Coin Pouch, as well as rarer rusted weapons including Rusted Mace and Rusted Magick Shield.
4 Gimble Gyre, Iron Bandings, Orilux Shield.
5 Golden Belt 6 Lancer's Sword
7 Assassin's Armguards, Black Leather Gloves, Darkened Gloves. 8 Lamellar Jacket, Archer's Culottes, Sultry Pareo.
9 Foreign Medicament, Tagilus's Miracle, Royal Cuisses, Veteran's Arc, Purple Longkilt. 10 Archwizard's Helm, Autumn Hood, Laurel Circlet, Peppermint Seed, Pleached Limbs, Balmy Incense, Interventive
11 Font of Constitution, Light-Cure, Jewel of Silence, Steel Cuirass, Meloirean Plate, Royal Surcoat, Ardent Will 12 Argence, Algid Bloom, Divine Surcoat, Cardinal Surcoat, Salomet's Secret, Crimson Robe.
A Weapon Pile to the South East may yield: Rusted Sword, Harspud Sauce, Faithful Earring, Jewel of Darkness, Large Coin Pouch
13 Salubrious Brew, Rousing Incense, Warlock's Incense, Sultry Cowl, Coupled Headgear. 14 Giant Coin Pouch, Harspud Sauce, Galvanic Razors, Dark Over-Knee Boots, Superior Cuisses, Leather Ocreae
15 Steel Sallet, Meloirean Helm, Almace
Other loot

The climbable pillars in the main rooms also have gold or good potions atop them.

Even after The Final Battle, a part of The Tainted Mountain is still accessible from the Grand Hall, and contains two chests with very high quality weapons or armor. See The Tainted Mountain § After the Dragon.


The temple is home to Geo Saurians, Succubi, and Hellhounds, as well as a Gorechimera and Spiders. There are numerous decayed or mummified bodies in the temple proper, possibly those of former pilgrims - some of these can be searched for minor items, such as Oil.

In the far part of the temple is the roost of The Dragon Grigori, encountered only during The Final Battle.

In Dark Arisen there is an Eliminator during the quest In Aid of the Emerald King II, and Pyre Saurians during the quest In Aid of the Emerald King III.


The Tainted Mountain Temple from the Tainted Mountain - west entrance

Dark Arisen

Pawn Travel Knowledge

All 3 knowledge flags for The Tainted Mountain Temple can only be obtained during the quest The Final Battle.

  • The first is obtained after fleeing from Grigori's onslaught. Granted upon him getting stuck.
  • The second is obtained upon approaching the exit from the Temple before stepping foot on the bridges.
  • The third and final star is granted once Grigori begins harassing the party on the bridge.

Pawn Chatter

"The remains of a temple, perhaps?"

"A fall here means certain death!"

" 'Twas the feet of countless pilgrims first beat down this road to the temple."


  • In the area accessed from the Path to Dragon's Domain, after the ladder there is a relief of a Dragon on the floor and on the walls. (The relief is the same as that which shows in the main menu screen of the game.)
  • The far part of the Temple, including the place where the Dragon roosts is covered in the article The Tainted Mountain.
  • The area is available only during the prologue quest The End at the Beginning, during The Final Battle in the main game, and can be explored during the Post-Game.
  • (Speculation) In the prologue a Chimera is battled and slain before the Dragon is encountered. Curiously, the Gorechimera encountered pre-Dragon is in exactly the same spot as where this Chimera was defeated a century prior - it is possible that Gorechimeras are actually undead Chimeras, as in the Post-Game when the world is corrupted by darkness the Chimeras prowling certain locations are replaced by (or maybe even transformed into) Gorechimeras.

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