The Tainted Mountain is a location in Dragon's Dogma.

The Tainted Mountain is located in the mountainous region dividing west and east Gransys.


"Heed well this place, Arisen.
Know the frailty of the works of man.
This hold once stood proud and firm...
'Twas the fool's decision of a man too weak brought it down."
- Grigori

In Dragon's Dogma the Tainted Mountain is accessed from The Tainted Mountain Temple during the quest The Final Battle. A ruined city with high bridges and towers is located on the upper slopes of the mountain - here the Arisen and pawns faced the onslaught of the great dragon Grigori before the culmination of the battle on the mountains summit.

The mountain summit is a barren crater at the peak of the tainted mountain - here the Arisen finally defeated the dragon Grigori, freeing Gransys from its wrath.


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There are six chests along the route of the high bridges that lead out from The Tainted Mountain Temple. These contain, in order: Molten Boots, a Ring of Argent, Flame Skirt, Dragon Hide Bracers, Stalwart Earring, Champion's Bangles and Dragon Band atop the final tower.

The Tainted Mountain Peak itself contains some scatted curatives including Harspud Sauce and Liquid Vim, gather spots or chests here may also yield a Noble Earring - in a weapon pile just in front of where the Arisen lands at the peak, a Golden Belt as well as an Exuberant Earring, or Harmonious Earring can be gathered.

Tainted mountain peak

The Tainted Mountain Peak

After the Dragon

After The Final Battle the path through the mountains is blocked, and the Temple destroyed - the route from the Grand Hall in The Tainted Mountain Temple can still be taken, but is blocked by a rockfall.

Here can be found two chests: the high status one contains either a Dragon Knight's Cloak, Saving Grace, Threaded Cudgel, Chilling Razors, Solar Providence, Cyclops Sigil, Crossed Cinquedea, or Unfettered Claw; whilst the lesser one contains either a Dragon Knight's Helm, Stalwart Bow, Dragon's Den, Flame Skirt, Dragon Band, Herald's Helix, Angel's Sanctum, or Noble Limbs.


Tainted mountain summit-001

The summit crater of the mountain, during The Final Battle

  • In an early conception of the history and geography of Gransys the final battle took place on a separate island, off the northwest coast of gransys. For more information see Dragon's Dogma World and Lore and the article Dragon's Dogma.
  • Speculation : It may be that Godking Leonart was ruler of the ruined city at the Tainted Mountain just beyond the temple - furthermore if the events in Gransys are cyclical then it may be that the city was destroyed in a cataclysm like that which destroys Gran Soren at the end of the main quest. An alternative speculation is that the Dragonforged was once a citizen or ruler of the city found upon the mountain ranges surrounding The Tainted Mountain - and is theorised that he was chosen to become Arisen, and when he failed to slay The Dragon, he fled into hiding with his pawn and his kingdom laid to waste.
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