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The Shadow Fort is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A fortress nestled between two cliffs that guards passage between them. It is the main focus in the quest A Fortress Besieged, and may not be entered until the quest is started. The fort is reached from Devilfire Grove and grants access to the Frontier Caverns.

I have always wanted nothing more than to protect my home and people as an honorable knight. I'd heard rumors that the dragon was bound to return soon, and I could not wait to fight. So far, there has been much more standing than fighting for me here at the Shadow Fort, but the older men have warned me that a wise soldier always hopes for peace. I've been able to cut my teeth on some smaller monsters, but I hope that someday something bigger is in store.
Ser Abell, a knight[1]

The Shadow Fort in Gransys is entered through gates from the south, and is divided into two areas by a second fortified wall with gates. A northern exit is accessed by a gatehouse built into the northernmost wall. From southern to northern entrances the fort runs approximately northwest.

Southern area[]

The southern area is mostly empty, containing a few fallen trees, Armor Piles and other miscellaneous detritus. A rough tunnel has been dug as an alternative access to the northern area - this is the starting point of the quest A Fortress Besieged.

Northern Area[]

The northern area has two equally tall towers on either side of the entrance which abut the side rock walls and entrances. The western tower holds the Shadow Fort Lever mechanism, whilst the eastern tower houses a ballista.

The open area in the middle field of the northern area contains several climbable lookout towers, and to the west a storehouse and prison - the Station Room.

Numerous goblin built tunnels run under the open area, with entrances in the northern part of the inner field, as well as adjacent south of, and within the storehouse-prison. Only characters under 150cm in height can enter these tunnels.

The northernmost side of the fort has another fortified wall, with a gate to the region beyond, protected by a gatehouse-keep. There is also another small storeroom with an initially barricaded door, which can be entered from above or through the goblin's tunnels.

The keep is built on three levels, with an entrance at the bottom level. The first level contains an open parapet with two ballistae, and a gate to the region beyond. The upper level contains a single large main room, the "Commandant's Antechamber".

Near the entrance to the keep is a tunnel leading to the Frontier Caverns.


During the quest A Fortress Besieged the northern area will have been taken over by Goblins, Hobgoblins and Cyclopes. On completion of A Fortress Besieged, the area will be patrolled by soldiers.

The soldiers retaking the fort are led by Ser Robert. The seven men he commands are Ser Ewart, Ser Belus, Ser Zamir, Ser Abell, Ser Lenn, Ser Alden, and Ser Alisander.

Post-Game the fort is retaken and goblins and cyclops return. If the fort was never freed then the same goblins and cyclops will hold the fort throughout the main quest and after.

Two Prisoner Gorecyclopes are encountered here during An Unseen Rival II.


Maps Chest Loot
Ground plan

Shadow fort ground

Commandant's Antechamber
Shadow fort mid level

Shadow fort battlements

1 Over-Knee Boots, Obliteratrix, Coin Pouch, Ogre Bone, Restless Earring, Argence
2 Surcoat, Scale Coat
3 Shadow Fort Lever
4 Harpy Cloak, Feather Cape, Steel Greatsword
5 On broken roof via ladder : Mushroom Potage, Downcuffs & Cuisses, Chainmail Skirt
6 In tunnels : Barreled Helm, Bandit Stalkers, Bone Armor
7 Accessible via drop from battlements : Lupine Veil
8 Chimera Strategy Vol. 1, Jewel of Toxicity, Coin Pouch, Harspud Milk
9 On scaffolding : Large Coin Pouch, Cockatrice Strategy Vol. 2, Red Leather Glove, Assembled Sleeves
10 Large Coin Pouch, Mushroom Potage, Sobering Wine, Goddess Cameo
11 Coin Pouch, Silver Ring, Red Leather Cap, Scale Greaves
12 Scalding Razors, Grievous Horns, Red Leather Hood, Feather-Light Pelta
13 Stone-Moss Poultice, Griffin Strategy Vol. 1. Silk
14 On roof over stairs : Cyclops Veil
15 On wooden ledge : Bronze Sabatons, Direwolf Bow, Bronze Gauntlets
Portcrystal (Dark Arisen only)
§ Gate lever mechanism
Weapon Piles
Loot from Weapon Piles here differs from day to night :


Pawn Travel Knowledge[]

  • Observing the hole dug out by the main gate is required both for a knowledge flag and to enter the fort for the first time.
  • Examining the empty hole in the wall where later one places the Shadow Fort Lever adds a travel knowledge star.
  • One of the travel markers is on the eastern tower where the single ballista is found.
  • Another knowledge flag is triggered upon revealing the entrance to the Frontier Caverns on the map.

Pawn Chatter[]

"Through here and we'll be to the goblins' den."


  • One needs to be 150cm or shorter to get inside the smaller tunnels.
  • Prior to the quest A Fortress Besieged the gate between northern and southern areas will be locked, and the goblins' tunnel absent.
  • If A Fortress Besieged was not cleared then the inner part of the fort will be accessible via the tunnel later, and the gate can still be unlocked with the lever. The far fortification will be innacessible due to the locked door, though the Frontier Caverns can still be visited.
  • If freed of monsters one can run freely in this area, without using stamina
  • According to the Dragon's Dogma: Official Design Works (p.294) this and The Greatwall are contemporary, both being built to protect Gransys against monster invasions.



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