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The Ornate Box is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"Amidst the bustle and clamor of Vernworth's marketplace, you espy a young man arguing with the proprietor of one of the shops"

Sven is searching for an item on the marketplace. Help him with his predicament.


At any point during daytime, you'll find Sven arguing with a shop proprietor in the marketplace of the city. Questioning him reveals that he wanted to buy an Ornate Box but does not have the gold to do so. You can either:

  • Give him the ornate box
  • Give him the money to buy one

After doing any of those, he'll leave. Wait a few days and you'll be able to meet him on the city square, by the fountain. He will reward you for your help with either a Jasper (item) or ???

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