The Mountain Waycastle is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A place of rest on the journey between Gran Soren and South Gransys. It is one of the only two routes allowing passage from South Gransys to the city and lands around it.

"I have provided weapons to many a brave soldier. Some have brought me tales of their travels to the Mountain Waycastle where they often stop to rest on their way to the capital from the lands of the south. Though it's not usually a spot for battles, one can hear many a thrilling tale of adventure from the knights who pass through. They are brave men but not above also expressing their deep fears in this time of the dragon's return."

The south side of the gate is manned by two soldiers, Ser Jerrome and Ser Ronell who have created a small camp with tents, a chest and a Riftstone.

To the south is the Manamia Trail and to the north is Moonsbit Pass. The waycastle gate leads to a stone bridge crossing a deep gorge through which a river flows towards the Cobal Coast - upstream westwards on the river are the Man Swallowing Falls. A raised open area to the southwest of the castle and camp is home to rabbits, and the nests of several birds.


Leviate twice, bypass Mountain Waycastle Gate

Using Levitate to bypass the gate

  • The gate is closed, barring access beyond, until the main quest Off With Its Head is started and the escort in progress.
    • The gate can be bypass using Levitate
    • Until then, an alternative way way to Gran Soren would be to take a circuitous route via South Gransys through the Ancient Quarry.
    • Note however, entry into the city is prohibited until the completion of Off With Its Head.
  • The Arisen is duped into travelling to the waycastle in the quest Honor and Treachery.



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