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The Heart of Darkness is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"I call upon you, wanderer of abyss. I call upon you, lost and witless human. You may topple the labyrinth's lord, but that will not reveal the way to the light. You must see throught the lies, and open the patch of blood that leads to me."

Defeat the Daimon's awakened form.

This quest becomes available on Olra's notice board immediately after slaying Daimon for the first time.


Journey through the entirety of Bitterblack Isle and enter Bitterblack Sanctum, where Daimon awaits.

Once Daimon's awakened form is defeated, the quest will be completed.


  • Refer to the article on Daimon for strategic suggestions.
  • Because only 3 quests may be undertaken from Olra's notice board at any given time, it may be necessary to complete other quests from this board before this quest will appear.