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The Fool is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.

"There's a road cuts the lea in twain, running north to south. Walk it north, and there's a hill to the right bears a drawing of a man with a scarred chest. Hillfigure Knoll, they call it. It's so overrun with beasts of late, most men don't go near it. There is one man, though, sits right on the hill's crown. A hermit of sorts, or a madman, else... Word is, he actually lives there." Ser Laurent


The Fool is the Pawn of The Dragonforged; he remains by the Dragonforged in the cave at Hillfigure Knoll.

The Fool quite resembles his master, the Dragonforged, and sometimes speaks as if he is the Dragonforged - this may be a result of the process known as Bestowal of Spirit.

In northern Gransys there is a small hillock called Hillfigure Knoll. The name naturally arose from the great carving of a human figure that adorns the hillside. None of those living nearby have any idea who created the figure. It had been there as long as anyone had been aware. It was assumed by the people to be the ancient remnant of some sort of forgotten culture, and the scholars who studied the site reached similar conclusions.
At some point, a man also appeared on Hillfigure Knoll, sitting on a rock on the hillside, staring off at nothing. Passersby tried to talk to him, but all the man did was to speak gibberish. People heard the rumors of this and came purposefully just to see him. As they had heard, there he sat on his rock, staring at nothing. When asked what he was doing there, he did not disappoint and the words he rattled off were completely incomprehensible. Day after day, the man sat on Hillfigure Knoll. He never did a thing other than stare out into the distance and ramble on if anyone spoke to him. At some point, he began to be known as “the Fool”. It started when someone suggested that he must have lost his mind after suffering a dragon attack because one of the few words the Fool still repeated was “dragon”. Once he had been written off as a senseless fool, though, no one ever gave him any deeper thought nor questioned the reason behind his presence. Yet the Fool is still there, alone, sitting on Hillfigure Knoll. He can always be found by those who take the time to look, almost as if he is waiting there for someone—and indeed he is.
The Fool's Tale.[1]



  • "Him who knows that I know what he seeks to know, knows it well while he who knows not, knows not what I know or know not."
  • "The Dragonforged suffered mortal injury in combat with the wyrm, though he persists now between life and death. And so he waits for Arisen to come, that he may bequeath his knowledge unto them."
  • "There have been other Arisen come before you to meet my master...Two, perhaps. Or three..."
  • "Even when the dragon descends upon the land, the Arisen may never come to find this place."
  • "In truth, the Arisen is not bound to join the dragon in combat, should they not will it. While the dragon lives, so lives each stolen heart... The Arisen has time unending to decide how to spend time unending."
  • "In the fullness of time, I shall come to know when the time has come. Know that all I know is that I shall know all who know me. I am not but my shadow, though my shadow be not shadow, but myself. I am come here at the end of my journeys, rich in scars and rich of mind. I am dragon-forged, knower of the beast, and known to it in kind."

During Company for the Road

  • "As you've like come to know, this pawn served the Dragonforged in his journeys as the Arisen. The path we walked to the dragon's door saw its end long ago... So long ago, 'tis lost to the haze of oblivion now. Did we truly walk this world? Or was it but a dream glimpsed from beyond the rift? I cannot say even that much, so long ago it was..."

On The Dragonforged

  • "My master chose to follow the bidding of his inner voice. "
  • "He cast aside all ties to others and chose to stand against the Dragon."


  • Like other pawns, when killed, the Fool is returned to the Rift.
  • After the defeat of the Dragon the Fool remains in the cave, alone.


  • Fools are common character trope in literature (see wikipedia:Fool (stock character)). However the Dragonforged's Fool fulfils none of the roles of the simple, heroic, wise, witty, or lucky fool of folklore and literature. However they do show some characteristics of the holy fool of eastern orthodox ascetic tradition (as also does Baudric).
  • His name, along with the fact that he lives at Hillfigure Knoll, could be a reference to The Beatles song "The Fool on the Hill." The song details an eccentric man who seems to be lost in thought but possessing a knowledge that most people can't understand.