The Faith is the official religion of Gransys.


The Faith admit a god which they refer to as "The Maker" - no other gods or demigods are worshipped, and their places of worship lack cultic figures, icons, or idols.

Cults such as Salvation, and old forms of worship such as earth god worship are rejected by the Faith

Gran Soren Cathedral in Gran Soren is the highest ecclesiastical building in Gransys. There is also a Village Chapel in Cassardis, and an Abbey served by nuns - the abbey also functions as an orphanage.

It seems the Faith on Gransys is subordinate to that on the Mainland - the main place of the Faith there is the Grand Cathedral in Auldring on the mainland. The Great Library in Auldring seems to also be associated with the faith.



In addition to outfits worn by members of the faith, such as Set of Priest Vestments, or Set of Nun Vestments, there are items associated with the Faith - these include the Divine Surcoat, and the Dignified Cape.

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  • The Faith in the world of Dragon's Dogma shows many characteristics of traditional Christian religion in Europe - the churches take a similar form - but lack any reference to Jesus. It's belief system seem similar, with a rejection of other cults, and a single God or God figure.