The Dragon's Tongue is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Take the tablet you found in Witchwood to someone who can decipher its text."

Find the one who can read the text on the mysterious Ancient Tablet, and discover its true meaning.


This quest becomes available after Witch Hunt is completed. At the Guardian's Grave rests an Ancient Tablet - the scholar Rowland is also here. If the tablet is taken Rowland will advise taking it to a priest for decrypting.

The Dragon's Tongue (quest walkthrough)

The Dragon's Tongue (quest walkthrough)

After acquiring the Ancient Tablet from the Guardian's Grave in the Witchwood, present it to the Dragonforged at Hillfigure Knoll to complete the quest.

Several persons can be consulted on the tablet, including the priest Clemente in Cassardis, or Geffrey at the Gran Soren Cathedral in Gran Soren, or Mountebank at the Black Cat.

Take up the suggestion that The Dragonforged might be able to interpret the slate, and travel to Hillfigure Knoll - here the Dragonforged will explain the significance and use of the item. The Ancient Tablet will then transform into the Arisen's Bond.


The Dragonforged

"That tablet! ...Then it has presented itself to you as well, Arisen of the present day.
I held it once, though it knew a different form, then. 'Tis the Arisen's bond, an oath given form.
It has shown itself to each Arisen in turn since time immemorial, ever changing its guise. Perhaps it is a test of sorts...
Though it appears a humble tablet now, it will take on the form best suited to you when the time is come."
"Tis the symbol of an oath that will bind you to what you hold most dear.
That it chose a ring for its shape stands proof that other people are what you hold most dear.
Make no mistake, the one you vouchsafe this ring to will be bound to you most powerfully.
Whether that bond will be your shield or your undoing depends upon you.
Therein lies the nature of the test."
"I considered any bond with another being as a seed of doom for the Arisen.
I feared them for a weakness, and feared weakness above all...
And so I cast all ties aside and rose against the dragon in solitude. ...To this end."


  • After completing Witch Hunt the Witchwood must be left and returned to for the quest to initiate.
  • Speaking to others for advice is optional, the Arisen may travel straight to Hillfigure Knoll to complete the quest. However, doing so will not give pawns full quest knowledge.
  • If the missable quest Lost and Found was not completed before Lure of the Abyss was completed then the quest Witch Hunt does not start when the Arisen walks in Fountain Square after meeting the duke during the quest Come to Court. This means that, if the quest Lost and Found was missed, the quest The Dragon's Tongue cannot be started until New Game Plus.
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