The Crucible of the Lost is a free content DLC pack for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen only. It was released on June 17, 2013.

Note This DLC is compatible with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen only.
 DLC will not work if playing the original Dragon's Dogma game.

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"New challenging battles await in the Rotunda of Dread and the Black Abbey areas of Bitterblack Isle! Conquer your enemies and reap the spoils! Plus, a few additional selections will be available for purchase from Barroch's shop."

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  • Obtained for free as a download from Olra's online store.

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  • Included in the base version of the game.


Godly Analeptic Vivifying Incense Fiendish Extract Decade-Dried Harspud Dreamwing Nostrum
Icon Flask Small Green
Icon Flask Oval Green
Icon Flask Small Light Blue
Icon Flask Small Yellow
Fiend-luring Incense
Fiend-luring Incense


  • (Glitch) 360360 x256px, ps3Ps3 x256px Whilst perhaps not directly related to the DLC, as a result of the patch released at the same time, there were reports that the stock of every vendor in the game has been fully unlocked, whether the requirements to do that have been met or not. This includes any items that require a high Affinity level with the vendor; items obtained as a result of the completion of a Quest; and the entirety of Barroch's stock on Bitterblack Isle .. Everything became instantly available.
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